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Case Studies
Module Details
Central Park
for Central Park's apartment buildings, offices and shopping complex.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 33 mins
Brookfield Place, WA
2, also targeting a 5 Star Green Star certification.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 59 mins
Inside the Pixel Building
is performing and discover its most impactful sustainability initiatives.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 57 mins
Melton Library & Learning Hub
study on Melton Library's 5 Star Green Star rating.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 101 mins
Bowden's Green Star Communities Rating
and why it scored a 6 Star Green Star.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 102 mins
Regeneration of a Sydney Icon - 5 Martin Place
achieving the As Built rating for this existing building.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 50 mins
Green Star Case Studies
their innovative approaches and what sets these projects apart.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 52 mins
Heritage can be Sustainable - Case Study of the Old Perth Boy's School
such as energy efficiency, reducing water consumption and acoustics.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 59 mins
Ginninderry - Building a Sustainable Community
Green Star - Communities to strengthen its Sustainability Vision.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 44 mins
Melbourne International RoRo and Automotive Terminal
Automotive Terminal (MIRRAT). Speakers: Byron Davy Senior Sustainability Advisor, CPD Contractors
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 33 mins
Level Crossing Removal Project
Level Crossing Removal Project in Victoria. Speakers: Byron Davy CPB Contractors
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 53 mins
Examining Passive House
supports a RITEK sandwich panel corrugated Colourbond roofing system.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 54 mins
From Ice Cream to Regeneration Dream: A Case Study of West Village
Moreton Bay Regional Council, Stockland and The Hornery Institute.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
Breaking new ground on interiors: Case study of Swiss Re's move to Barangaroo
of when working on a Green Star Interiors project.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 66 mins
Lendlease APPFC Portfolio Upgrade
tenants, contractors and partners delivered this still unmatched achievement.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 47 mins
Younghusband Woolstore Redevelopment
precinct Best practices in urban regeneration The importance of community engagement
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 39 mins
The Sunshine Coast University Hospital Air Tightness Journey
about their fantastic project development and air tightness achievements.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 39 mins
A Case Study of Barrack Place
the development and achieving exceptional wellness and sustainability ratings.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 59 mins
Green Star
Module Details
Green Star Update: Design & As Built v1.2
about the updates to Design & As Built v1.2.
Free No Points 45 mins
How to Prepare your Green Star Submission
and bolts to confidently build your Green Star submission.
Free No Points 40 mins
Volume Certification
you better understand how Green Star Volume Certification works.
Free No Points 19 mins
Portfolio Certification
you better understand how Green Star Portfolio Certification works.
Free No Points 23 mins
Green Star Future Focus - Jan 2019
environment, while responding to global megatrends and emerging challenges.
Free No Points 33 mins
Green Star Future Focus - April 2019
we look forward to continuing this journey with you.
Free No Points 50 mins
What's New in Green Star - Design & As Built and Interiors v1.3
use JV2? How can I tell where the changes are? 
Free No Points 50 mins
A Strategy for Future Homes - a plan for improving the residential sector
Homes. Presented by Elham Monavari, Senior Manager – Strategic Projects, GBCA
Free No Points 60 mins
Industry Standards
Module Details
Living Building Challenge 'Beauty' Petal
Petal, key discussions with decision-makers and the challenges faced.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 56 mins
Science Based Targets
they work and their impact on the property sector.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 52 mins
New Guidance on Sustainable Procurement - ISO 20400
and understand the foundations of this globally recognised standard.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 57 mins
Living Building Challenge & Green Star
met so that you can meet these prestigious standards.
$44.55 1 CPD Point(s) 36 mins
Climate Adaptation & Resilience
of the requirements of resilience credit will be include.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 106 mins
LCA & Sustainable Products
credits in detail. Speakers: Joel Clayton Senior Sustainability Consultant Edge Environment
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 49 mins
Introduction to Air Tightness Testing and Green Star
Green Star. Speakers: Sean Maxwell - Technical Manager Pro Clima Australia
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 58 mins
What do Best Practice Green Star Submissions look like?
your technical resources - Don’t be afraid to reach out
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 43 mins
Tackling the SDGs in the Built Environment
Star as well as the work of our Members.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 54 mins
Social Sustainability
Module Details
Reconciliation Action Plan
Torres Strait Islander employment, retention, cultural awareness and procurement.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 56 mins
Community Engagement
Australia's Karen Woo and City of Casey's Kerri Elso.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 35 mins
Sustainable Living - The Last Frontier?
homes and apartments, and how industry can harness them.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 36 mins
Building Cities and Connecting Communities
an improved standard of living for the next generation.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 57 mins
Health, Human Rights and Resilience
us towards creating sustainable places for generations to come.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 37 mins
Why community resilience matters: from extreme events to everyday stresses
the project has social capacity building measures in place.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 59 mins
Community Development: The People Perspective
previously a Community Development Consultant, MC and event organiser.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
Insights into Social Value
Community, Charter Hall. Details on Margot's presentation announced shortly.
$77.27 2 CPD Point(s) 123 mins
Energy & Carbon
Module Details
WWF Renewable Energy Aggregation Program
possible pricing, contract term and escalation rates to participants.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 35 mins
Carbon Neutral Building Certification
of the Energy and Environment Dennis Lee NABERS Jorge Chapa GBCA
Free No Points 56 mins
National Carbon Offset Standard Launch
can register with NABERS or Green Star - Performance.
Free No Points 54 mins
Delivering energy modelling goals
Speakers: Eben Simmons Associate Director, Umow Lai Matthew Webb Sustainability Consultant, Umow Lai
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 103 mins
Offsets: Fundamentals for the Building Industry
National Australia Bank Limited Olivia Leal-Walker Sustainability Coordinator, Frasers Property Group
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 55 mins
An Overview of our Carbon Positive Roadmap
Property - Stockland - Integral Group - Dexus - Commonwealth Bank - Liberty Onesteel
Free No Points 55 mins
Electric Vehicles: Preparing for the future built environment
on EVs developments and how to facilitate their implementation.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
Built to Perform - An industry led pathway to a zero carbon ready building code
for stronger energy standards and the role of government.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 55 mins
Environmental Product Declarations and Embodied Carbon
– Chair, EPD Australasia. Read more about Stephen under below.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 50 mins
Bringing Embodied Carbon Upfront
Green Star Solutions, GBCA Jeff Oatman, Senior Manager Membership, GBCA
Free No Points 55 mins
The Energy Internet - Distributed Generation and Blockchain
towards zero. Presented by James Eggleston, Senior Analyst, Power Ledger
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 42 mins
Comparative Energy Efficiency Outcomes of Key HVAC Systems – a World-first Study
ongoing monitoring of HVAC systems as installed in buildings.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 62 mins
Module Details
Ambius Working with Indoor Plants
indoor plants to deliver big benefits for your staff.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 50 mins
Building a Case for Timber
stacks up for Green Star projects and the environment.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 43 mins
Integrating Healthy Environments
Services & Reporting GBCA Kelly Worden - Project Manager, Health Research USGBC
$44.55 1 CPD Point(s) 56 mins
Building Infiltration Testing
contributes to a failure to reach energy efficiency goals.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 57 mins
Dynamic Solar Shading in Sustainable Buildings
solar shading with regard to health, wellbeing and productivity.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 58 mins
Passive House & Green Star Crosswalk
unpack what you need to know about our partnership.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 56 mins
A Dose of Sustainable Healthcare Design
and the Chair of Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI).
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 55 mins
Operational Waste Management
management and reporting. Speakers: Blake Lindley - Senior Sustainability Consultant Edge Environment
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 56 mins
Waste from Refurbishments
recycling from these projects. Speakers: Blake Lindley Senior Sustainability Consultant, Edge Environment
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 54 mins
Commissioning for Air Tightness
that the design of the project is actually achieved.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 72 mins
Contracted Cleaning Services for Healthy & Efficient Buildings
trainer and facilitator and an experienced and dynamic presenter.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 46 mins
Building with Nature: Prioritising Ecology and Biodiversity
storytelling and digital media to support effective conservation strategies.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 45 mins
Life Cycle Exposure to Chemicals in Buildings - How Risky?
frame of the UN environment Global Chemical Outlook II.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 52 mins
Letting Nature In: The Benefits of Biophilic Design
has been successfully applied in projects around the world.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 52 mins
Key Design Principles of Passive House
timber in place of metal) and/or incorporating thermal breaks.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 46 mins
Calculating Cool: Rating Tool for HVAC Systems
the online rating system using the above example Q&A session
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 46 mins
Solutions for Reducing Embodied Energy Emissions in Buildings
and resilience - Reuse of existing buildings - Solutions with timber
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 45 mins
World Leading Sustainable Buildings - A Global Study Tour
Solar PV, and low carbon building materials amongst others.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 57 mins
Tall Buildings & Sustainable Design
thinking, tall timber and low-carbon structures and renovation opportunities.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
Module Details
Green Bonds - Financing a Sustainable Future
the companies already holding a slice of the pie.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 101 mins
Green Bonds in the Property Sector
Initiative gives an update on the Green Bonds market.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 45 mins
Building a Value Proposition
in meeting sustainability targets based on bold, clear vision.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 46 mins
The Funding Answer to the Barriers in Green Upgrades
Limited Rachael Scott - Environmental Finance Manager Eureka Funds Management Limited
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
Understanding the TCFD
how the TCFD is being taken up by industry
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
Making the Business Case for Sustainability
of sustainability initiatives. Presenter: Dr. Barbara Nebel, thinkstep Ltd. Australasia
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 35 mins
* Time in minutes refers to the associated video content length of time.
** Free courses do not accrue CPD points.