Online Learning Programs

Keeping up to date on Green Star should be easy, so the GBCA is proud to introduce a new online learning platform to bring you Green Star professional development and learning resources on demand.

Short video presentations allow you to access useful information, develop your knowledge of Green Star and earn CPD points in your own time, at your own pace.

Each video module has its own online quiz, the completion of which earns you CPD points for your Green Star qualification.

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Life Cycle Assessment Program
Module Details
Bringing Embodied Carbon Upfront
WorldGBC, in partnership with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, are releasing a...
Free No Points 55 mins
Green Star Credits in Detail
Module Details
Climate Adaptation & Resilience
Join us as we unpack the strategies and solutions to climate challenges...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 106 mins
Operational Waste Management
Edge Environment's Senior Sustainability Consultant Blake Lindley will explore the role of...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 56 mins
LCA & Sustainable Products
This webinar will explore the Green Star Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) credits...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 49 mins
Waste from Refurbishments
This webinar will cover what to include in an effective Refurbishment Waste...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 54 mins
Introduction to Air Tightness Testing and Green Star
This webinar will discuss building infiltration testing in Australia, the benefits of...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 58 mins
Commissioning for Air Tightness
How does commissioning ensure that best practice is being upheld throughout industry? Air...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 72 mins
Green Star Updates
Module Details
Green Star Update: Design & As Built v1.2
Learn about the updates to Design & As Built v1.2.
Free No Points 45 mins
Green Star Future Focus - Jan 2019
Green Star Future Focus will see the rating system continue to deliver...
Free No Points 33 mins
Green Star Future Focus - April 2019
In early 2018, the GBCA begun its ambitious journey of reshaping the...
Free No Points 50 mins
What's New in Green Star - Design & As Built and Interiors v1.3
Green Star – Design & As Built and Green Star – Interiors...
Free No Points 50 mins
A Strategy for Future Homes - a plan for improving the residential sector
The residential sector accounts for 57% of Australia’s built environment emissions. Our...
Free No Points 60 mins
Case Studies
Module Details
Central Park
The face of Sydney is changing. The focus of our city's urban...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 33 mins
Brookfield Place, WA
Key members of the project team from HASSELL, Aurecon, Norman Disney &...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 59 mins
Best in Show: Innovation Challenges
Green Building Day 2015 A look at the projects accepting the challenge and...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 28 mins
Retrofit & Refurbish
Green Building Day 2015 Presented as part of Green Building Day 2015, take...
Free No Points 14 mins
Kathmandu's Volume Certification Journey
Green Building Day 2015 Presented as part of Green Building Day 2015, this...
Free No Points 14 mins
Inside the Pixel Building
What scored Melbourne's Pixel Building a 100-point score and an extra five...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 57 mins
Melton Library & Learning Hub
Libraries are the heart of communities. Aside from promoting lifelong learning with...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 101 mins
Bowden's Green Star Communities Rating
Do you have the option to walk and ride to work with...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 102 mins
Regeneration of a Sydney Icon - 5 Martin Place
At the recent PCA Innovation and Excellence Awards the regenerated 5 Martin...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 50 mins
Green Star Case Studies
Green Building Day 2017 Hear about some of Green Star's biggest success stories...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 52 mins
Heritage can be Sustainable - Case Study of the Old Perth Boy's School
You'll hear from the sustainability experts and consultants who worked on the...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 59 mins
Ginninderry - Building a Sustainable Community
Join Jessica Stewart, Sustainability Manager at Ginninderry to learn about how Ginninderry...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 44 mins
A Dose of Sustainable Healthcare Design
How do we deliver complex healthcare systems that are both efficient and...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 55 mins
Delivering energy modelling goals
With the 2040 Paris carbon emissions target to create a net zero...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 103 mins
Melbourne International RoRo and Automotive Terminal
This webinar unpacks the key sustainability features of the Melbourne International RoRo...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 33 mins
Level Crossing Removal Project
This webinar presents a case study on the Furlong Main Blackburn Heatherdale...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 53 mins
Examining Passive House
How can we bridge the performance gap between the design of buildings...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 54 mins
From Ice Cream to Regeneration Dream: A Case Study of West Village
The $1 billion West Village project is transforming a 2.6ha former industrial...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
Breaking new ground on interiors: Case study of Swiss Re's move to Barangaroo
When Swiss Re decided to move to level 36 of Tower Two...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 66 mins
Lendlease APPFC Portfolio Upgrade
In 2018, Lendlease and JLL are celebrating a 20-year partnership in the...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 47 mins
Why community resilience matters: from extreme events to everyday stresses
When Hurricane Sandy devastated New York City in 2012 a large proportion...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 59 mins
Younghusband Woolstore Redevelopment
Join James Fitzgerald, Development Manager at Impact Investment Group, to learn about...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 39 mins
A Case Study of Barrack Place
Barrack Place, 151 Clarence Street is Sydney CBD’s newest A Grade commercial...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 59 mins
Green Star Processes
Module Details
How to Prepare your Green Star Submission
How do you prepare a Green Star submission for best results? Join us...
Free No Points 40 mins
Volume Certification
In this module the Green Star Solutions team that will help you...
Free No Points 19 mins
Portfolio Certification
This module run by the Green Star Solutions team that will help...
Free No Points 23 mins
What do Best Practice Green Star Submissions look like?
GBCA Senior Manager – Green Star Solutions, Nicole Sullivan, shares her tips...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 43 mins
Green Star Cross Walks
Module Details
Living Building Challenge 'Beauty' Petal
The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) are the creators of the Living...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 56 mins
Living Building Challenge & Green Star
The Living Building Challenge is the built environment's most rigorous performance standard. It...
$44.55 1 CPD Point(s) 36 mins
Passive House & Green Star Crosswalk
How do we design and construct buildings that will stand the test...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 56 mins
Standards and Targets
Module Details
Carbon Neutral Building Certification
You are invited to attend a webinar on the Australian Government's draft...
Free No Points 56 mins
Science Based Targets
What are science-based targets and how will they help us in reaching...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 52 mins
New Guidance on Sustainable Procurement - ISO 20400
Learn how this will impact your procurement activity and understand the foundations...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 57 mins
National Carbon Offset Standard Launch
In this webinar, you will find out more about the launch and...
Free No Points 54 mins
Offsets: Fundamentals for the Building Industry
The launch of the National Carbon Offset Standard for Buildings offers the...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 55 mins
An Overview of our Carbon Positive Roadmap
The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has released 'A Carbon Positive...
Free No Points 55 mins
Built to Perform - An industry led pathway to a zero carbon ready building code
As the 2019 National Construction Code changes are being finalised, this presentation...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 55 mins
Tackling the SDGs in the Built Environment
Sustainable development holds the promise that we leave future generations with a...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 54 mins
Sustainable Communities
Module Details
Community Engagement
What makes a community sustainable? Is it just about environmental qualities, or...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 35 mins
Sustainable Living - The Last Frontier?
Green Building Day 2017 We've tackled CBDs and office buildings, now it's time...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 36 mins
Building Cities and Connecting Communities
Green Building Day 2017 How can we best use our buildings and infrastructure...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 57 mins
Community Development: The People Perspective
What is community development? Community Development is never, ever ‘done’. It is a...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
Financing Green Projects
Module Details
Green Bonds - Financing a Sustainable Future
Listen to this webinar with the big players in green bond issuance,...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 101 mins
Green Bonds in the Property Sector
Sean Kidney, CEO of Climate Bonds Initiative gives an update on the...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 45 mins
The Funding Answer to the Barriers in Green Upgrades
Eureka has lent over $40 million to building owners to date, including...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
Understanding the TCFD
In June 2017 the Financial Stability Board’s Taskforce on Climate Related Financial...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
Materials & Products
Module Details
Building a Case for Timber
Hear from an expert on Australia's first industry-wide Environmental Product Declaration for...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 43 mins
Dynamic Solar Shading in Sustainable Buildings
Natural light, fresh air, consistent temperatures and the best possible view to...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 58 mins
Environmental Product Declarations and Embodied Carbon
The World Green Building Council will release an embodied carbon “call to...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 50 mins
Greening our Spaces
Module Details
Ambius Working with Indoor Plants
We all know plants can create ambiance and beauty in any space...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 50 mins
Webinar: Letting Nature In: The Benefits of Biophilic Design
The term ‘biophilic design’ is being both increasingly used and increasingly misunderstood....
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 52 mins
Construction Practices & Testing Methods
Module Details
Building Infiltration Testing
The practice of testing a whole building's air tightness (or air permeability)...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 57 mins
Webinar: The Sunshine Coast University Hospital Air Tightness Journey
The Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) is the largest public healthcare facility...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 39 mins
Key Design Principles of Passive House
What is passive house? And what impacts can it have? During this...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 46 mins
Calculating Cool: Rating Tool for HVAC Systems
Calculating Cool is a free online rating tool to benchmark performance against...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 46 mins
Solutions for Reducing Embodied Energy Emissions in Buildings
Australia has signed on to the Paris Climate Change Agreement, committing to...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 45 mins
Renewable Energy & Offsets
Module Details
WWF Renewable Energy Aggregation Program
Learn how an aggregation program can be integrated into, and benefit sustainable...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 35 mins
The Energy Internet - Distributed Generation and Blockchain
How distributed generation and blockchain are transforming legacy power networks into community...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 42 mins
Social Sustainability
Module Details
Reconciliation Action Plan
One of the major existing social inequalities in Australia is the economic...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 56 mins
Health, Human Rights and Resilience
Green Building Day 2017 Discussions around health, human rights and resilience place great...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 37 mins
Webinar: Insights into Social Value
In Insights into Social Value, we will consider what social value is...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 123 mins
Selling Green Projects
Module Details
Building a Value Proposition
Green Building Day 2017 Dealing with corporations or consumers, demand for services are...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 46 mins
Making the Business Case for Sustainability
Sustainability can increase revenue, reduce cost, enhance brand and mitigate risk. However, often...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 35 mins
Healthy Indoor Environments
Module Details
Integrating Healthy Environments
Our built environment plays a key role in determining critical health behaviours....
$44.55 1 CPD Point(s) 56 mins
Contracted Cleaning Services for Healthy & Efficient Buildings
There is growing evidence that facility cleaning services can have a big...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 46 mins
Webinar: Life Cycle Exposure to Chemicals in Buildings - How Risky?
The move towards more energy efficient and tighter buildings might lead to...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 52 mins
Resilience & Climate Adaptation
Module Details
Building with Nature: Prioritising Ecology and Biodiversity
Building on the recent GBCA paper “Building with Nature: Prioritising ecology and...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 45 mins
Sustainable Design
Module Details
Electric Vehicles: Preparing for the future built environment
Board member of the Electric Vehicle Council and Founder of JET Charge,...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
Webinar: World Leading Sustainable Buildings - A Global Study Tour
Shane Esmore, Umow Lai Director and Principal Sustainability Consultant shares insights from...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 57 mins

* Time in minutes refers to the associated video content length of time.