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F-00379 - What scope is included for Responsible Construction and Inclusive Construction Practices credits?
GBCA clarifies that the scope for Responsible Construction and Inclusive Construction Practices credits from Green Star Buildings v1 relates to construction works conducted by the builder or head contractor. As such, works outside of contracted scope and completed prior to the head contractor taking possession of the site are not required to demonstrate compliance. In Green Star Buildings v1, works...
Published on Tue, 21 May 2024
F-00386 - Corrections for the Green Star Buildings v1 Energy Use calculation guide
GBCA clarifies that references to the 'Quality of Internal Air' credit on pages 52 and 91 in the Green Star Buildings v1 Energy Use calculation guide should be referring to the 'Clean Air' credit.
Published on Tue, 21 May 2024
F-00378 - Are projects with a GFA less than 1000sqm exempt from the Enjoyable Places credit?
No, the GBCA clarifies where the building GFA is less than 1000 sqm, (<1000m2), the Enjoyable Places credit can be targeted and that there are no exemptions for the size of buildings. These projects are to use the same ratio to determine the area of communal space as for buildings above 1000sqm. 
Published on Tue, 21 May 2024
F-00384 - Are car sharing parking spaces required in Green Star Buildings v1?
No, for the purposes of the Movement and Place Credit under Green Star Buildings v1, projects are not required to provide car sharing parking spaces. GBCA notes that where car sharing parking spaces are provided under the project's Sustainable Transport Plan, those car parks are required to meet the provision of electric vehicle (EV) charging connections for car sharing spaces. The...
Published on Mon, 20 May 2024
F-00380 - Can Changing Facilities be on a different level to End Of Trip Facilities?
Yes, a project may provide changing facilities on a different level to the End of Trip facilities, so long as both spaces are connected and can be moved between reasonably without discomfort or difficulty. The distance between spaces must be reasonable to traverse in under 5 minutes, and occupants should not be expected to pass through high foot traffic areas. The...
Published on Wed, 10 Apr 2024

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