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F-00338 - Are external balconies considered an external clothes drying facility?
No, external balconies are not considered acceptable external clothes drying facilities under the Building Services criteria for the Energy Use - Residential pathway credit from Green Star Buildings v1 as simply providing a space for drying clothes does not satisfy the intent of this credit. The intent of the credit is to provide tenants with facilities that are energy efficient...
Updated on Tue, 22 Aug 2023
F-00339 - What Product Certification Initiatives are recognised in Green Star Buildings?
In the Responsible Products Value section under the Guidance section of the Responsible Structure, Responsible Envelope, Responsible Systems and Responsible Finishes credits, examples of recognised initiatives are provided. This list has changed. The GBCA Products website is being updated to reflect the current list of recognised initiatives. In the interim, please email for this updated list.
Updated on Tue, 22 Aug 2023
F-00342 - Does the specified steel manufacturer need be a member of the World Steel Association’s (WSA) Climate Action Programme?
For the purposes of credit 20.1.0 Responsible Steel Maker in Green Star - Design & As Built, steel manufacturers are no longer required to be a member of the World Steel Association's (WSA) Climate Action Programme (CAP). Steel making facilities are only required to have a currently valid and certified IS 14001 Environmental Management System in place.
Updated on Mon, 10 Jul 2023
F-00340 - How do RPVs convert to the legacy rating system of Level A, B and C Third Party Certifications?
For the purposes of credit 21.1D Product Transparency and Sustainability - Third Party Certification in Green Star - Design & As Built and Green Star - Interiors, the Responsible Products Framework may be used in lieu of the GBCA's legacy Framework for Product Certification Scheme. The following Responsible Products Value (RPV) may be converted to the previous levels A, B...
Published on Mon, 10 Jul 2023

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