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F-00307 - Are Savanna burning offsets accepted as a Nature Based Solutions for the purposes of Green Star?
Yes.  Savanna Burning Offsets (Emissions reductions offsets) are accepted as a nature based solutions for the purposes of Green Star Buildings v1 only. For all other Future Focus Rating tools under Green Star, only carbon removal offsets are accepted as nature based solutions. Future versions of Green Star Buildings will not allow Savana Burning Offsets. 
Published on Fri, 13 Jan 2023
F-00301 - Can sub-meters compliant to IEC standards be considered compliant to the Metering and Monitoring requirement?
Yes. The GBCA confirms that sub-meters that can produce accuracy certificates compliant to IEC standards and are compliant with NABERS metering requirements are considered compliant to the sub-metering criterion under the Metering and Monitoring requirement of Credit 3 Verification and Handover from Green Star Buildings v1.    Please provide the following in your submission: Evidence of a certificate of accuracy produced by the sub-meters...
Published on Fri, 25 Nov 2022
F-00297 - Can a project owner support an organisation that protects an area on their behalf for the Nature Stewardship credit?
Yes. Project teams targeting the 'Activities to Protect or Restore' criterion under 38 Nature Stewardship from Green Star Buildings v1 may achieve compliance where the project owner supports an organisation that restores or protects an area on their behalf.
Published on Mon, 31 Oct 2022
F-00295 - Can projects claim an innovation point for rectifying air leaks identified during air permeability testing?
Yes. Projects may target one (1) point through 30B Market Transformation under Green Star - Design & As Built by conducting additional leakage diagnostics to document leaks found during testing, rectifying and reporting at least one major defect identified during air permeability testing to all stakeholders, in addition to targeting and meeting or exceeding the air permeability rates as part of...
Published on Fri, 21 Oct 2022
F-00294 - Are separate male and female on-site facilities sufficient to comply with the Inclusive Construction Practices credit?
Yes, providing separate male and female bathroom facilities is adequate to demonstrate compliance with the gender inclusive facilities requirement of the 'On-site Facilities, Policies and Training' criteria of the Inclusive Construction Practices credit  Minimum Expectation. Project teams are encouraged to include gender-neutral bathroom facilities, especially where a need has been identified. All other requirements as per the Inclusive Construction Practices Minimum Expectation...
Published on Thu, 13 Oct 2022

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