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F-00374 - Is there further guidance on the scoring metrics for Market Transformation from Green Star Buildings v1?
Yes, project teams may use the below table for further guidance on the scoring metrics under the Market Transformation credit from Green Star Buildings v1. It would be expected that the initiatives proposed under the Market Transformation credit would be rated highly in at least three categories and medium in the remaining two.  The metrics are:  Control of outcome: the initiative delivers...
Published on Fri, 12 Apr 2024
F-00377 - Do heat pump clothes dryers need to be vented to the outside?
No, the GBCA clarifies that heat pump clothes dryers are not required to be vented to the outside to comply with the Building Services criteria in Credit Achievement under the Energy Use - Residential pathway credit from Green Star Buildings v1 as the moisture is collected rather than vented from the appliance.
Published on Tue, 9 Apr 2024
F-00373 - Are there alternate standards that can be used for the climate adaptation assessment?
Yes, as an alternative to using AS5334:2013 'Climate change adaptation for settlements and infrastructure - A risk based approach', project teams may use ISO 14090:2019 'Adaptation to climate change - Principles, requirements and guidelines' and ISO 14091:2021 'Adaptation to climate change - Guidelines on vulnerability, impacts and risk assessment' when undertaking the climate change risk and adaptation assessment.
Published on Mon, 8 Apr 2024
F-00372 - Changes to the Climate Positive Pathway requirements for 2030.
Currently in Green Star Buildings v1, projects certified after 1st January 2030, regardless of the project's registration date, are required to meet the Climate Positive Pathway requirements. This has been changed so that instead, projects that reach practical completion after 1st January 2030 are to meet the 2030 Climate Positive Pathway requirements, regardless of the project's registration date. Projects that reach practical...
Published on Wed, 3 Apr 2024
F-00380 - Can Changing Facilities be on a different level to End Of Trip Facilities?
Yes, a project may provide changing facilities on a different level to the End of Trip facilities, so long as both spaces are connected and can be moved between reasonably without discomfort or difficulty. The distance between spaces must be reasonable to traverse in under 5 minutes, and occupants should not be expected to pass through high foot traffic areas. The...
Published on Wed, 10 Apr 2024

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