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F-00098 - How is the conditional requirement for the BASIX pathway calculated?
The Conditional Requirement (15C.0) for the BASIX Pathway is calculated as a 10% reduction relative to the maximum allowable aggregate heating and cooling energy for the project climate regions as per the BASIX thermal comfort compliance criteria. A graphical explanation has been attached to this FAQ. For example, if the BASIX energy target for a project in a climate region is 15, then the maximum allowable aggregate heating a cooling energy is 85 (or 100 - 15) a 10% reduction relative to the above would be 76.5 [or 85-(10% x 85)] the Conditional Requirement would be a 23.5% reduction (or 100 - 76.5)
Published on Thu, 7 Feb 2019
F-00096 - How do I get the Sustainable Transport Calculators to work?
The externally provided software the Transport Calculators rely on has recently changed to pay-per-use. As such the Sustainable Transport and Access by Public Transport Calculator outputs will only be available to project teams of registered Green Star Projects until further notice.  For registered Green Star projects, please submit a technical question (free of charge) through the Green Star Manager, and include the following: Green Star number Project Name Project Address (not geocode) Type of project. E.g. office, retail, etc. Number of occupants (for the Access by Public Transport Calculator only). State which Calculator is required: Sustainable Transport and/or Access by Public Transport Calculator. Results will be issued as a pdf for the Access by Public Transport calculator for use in the project submission. For Sustainable Transport, an excel calculator with project-specific reference mode share will be generated for use by the project team. All costs associated with running the transport calculators for registered projects will be absorbed by the GBCA.  Non-registered projects can still access these calculator outputs by submitting a technical question for up to four individual calculators. These technical questions will be charged at the standard rate of $200 (+GST).
Published on Mon, 4 Feb 2019
F-00094 - Can non-Performance projects target the 'Contribution to Industry Benchmarking' Innovation Challenge?
Yes. Projects registered under all Green Star rating tools can now target one (1) point for the 'Contribution to Industry Benchmarking' Innovation Challenge. Compliance Requirements are as per the Innovation Challenge.  
Published on Tue, 29 Jan 2019
F-00095 - Can I use 'For Construction' drawings in the As Built submission?
Yes. The GBCA requires evidence that the drawings supplied are as constructed, whether they have an ‘As Built’ stamp or not. 'For Construction' drawings are acceptable provided they are accompanied by formal confirmation from the head contractor or other relevant professional(s) that the For Construction drawings depict the site as-built conditions.
Published on Tue, 29 Jan 2019
F-00092 - Can an AA1000 Licensed Assurance Provider provide Auditor Verification for Green Star PVC certification?
Yes. The AA1000 AccountAbility Standards, an international methodology for sustainability-related assurance engagements, is considered an ‘equivalent national or international auditor accreditation system’ as endorsed by the Vinyl Council. A Licenced  Assurance Provider under this standard is qualified to sign off on PVC best practice audit/assurance documentation.
Published on Fri, 18 Jan 2019

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