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F-00329 - Is there an alternative method to demonstrate compliance with the Active Generation and Storage Systems pathway?
Yes. An alternative method of achieving compliance with the 'Active Generation and Storage Systems' pathway under the Grid Resilience credit from Green Star Buildings v1 is where a network grid operator has the remote ability to stop the export of on-site electricity generated to the grid during peak solar generation periods. This is on the condition that the excess electricity being generated...
Published on Mon, 29 May 2023
F-00330 - Are there any alternative requirements for projects located in Sydney or Melbourne CBD?
Yes. Projects located in Sydney or Melbourne CBD may target the 'Reducing Private Vehicle Use' criteria under the Movement and Place credit - Credit Achievement from Green Star Buildings by achieving the highest 'Emissions reduction (%)' possible for project on the followings conditions: The project has no car parking spaces and the building's regular occupants are not allocated any car park spaces. The...
Published on Mon, 29 May 2023
F-00331 - Are there any alternative requirements for Lighting Comfort criteria for Class 2 buildings in Green Star Buildings?
Yes, Class 2 buildings targeting the 'Lighting Comfort' and 'Glare from Light Sources' criteria in Green Star Buildings can use the below criteria to meet credit compliance: Have a Minimum Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 85 Be consistent for the colour selected, demonstrated through a Standard Deviation Colour Matching (SDCM) of 3 or lower. All luminaries must not produce unwanted glare and achieve a...
Published on Mon, 29 May 2023
F-00326 - Is there a pathway for naturally ventilated non-residential buildings when targeting the 'Provision of Outdoor Air'?
The GBCA clarifies that naturally ventilated non-residential buildings can use the residential pathway under the Provision of Outdoor Air criteria in the Clean Air credit from Green Star Buildings v1, in particular the pathway offered for Class 2 and Class 3 buildings where these buildings typologies must meet the requirements as per the Submission Guidelines.   
Published on Mon, 22 May 2023
F-00327 - Correction for 18B.4C Shared Domestic Appliances in Green Star Interiors v1.3
The GBCA clarifies that credit 18B.4C Shared Domestic Appliances criteria correctly refers to Table 18B.2 Nominated fixture WELS rating. The GBCA notes 18B.4C mistakenly refers to 'Shared Domestic Appliances' instead of 'Shared Amenities' as it does in previous iterations of the tool.
Published on Wed, 17 May 2023

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