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F-00141 - How many points are available in the 19B pathway (Life Cycle Impacts)?
Green Star - Design & As Built v1, v1.1 There 8 points available between the options in the 19B pathway (Life Cycle Impacts), however, only a maximum of 5 points can be awarded depending on the project’s specific conditions. The following options are included in this pathway: 19B.1 - Concrete; 19B.2 - Steel; and 19B.3 - Building Reuse   Green Star - Design & As Built v1.2,...
Published on Fri, 17 Jan 2020
F-00138 - What values of light should be used in the Light Pollution to Neighbouring Bodies credit?
In the Light Pollution to Neighbouring Bodies criterion, Table 2.1 of AS 4282:1997 (Recommended maximum values of light technical parameters for the control of obtrusive light) the GBCA clarifies the following: 1) There is no Column 3C, 5A and 5B; 2) For Class 2 buildings (residential), the compliance is for columns 4 and 5 as per Table 2.1 of AS 4282:1997; 3) For...
Published on Mon, 13 Jan 2020
F-00137 - Can the ISO standard 18504 can be used as a Best Practice Remediation strategy for Site Decontamination?
Yes, for the purposes of site decontamination in Green Star, the ISO standard 18504: Soil quality: Sustainable Remediation can be used an alternative to the current standard referenced in the submission guidelines: “A Framework for Assessing the Sustainability of Soil and Groundwater Remediation”. Please include a copy of this FAQ in your submission.
Published on Fri, 10 Jan 2020
F-00140 - Where are the VicRoads 'Cyclist Notes' referenced in Green Star- Railway Stations or Custom (MMRA)?
Projects that are targeting the Green Star- Custom (Melbourne Metro Rail Authority) or Green Star- Railway Stations credit criterion 21.4 Active Transport Facilities  may use the latest relevant Australian Standards in lieu of the VicRoads 'Cyclist Notes'. Documentation Requirements: Please provide the following in your submission: Evidence that secure bicycle storage for patrons and staff has been developed in line with AS 2890.3...
Published on Fri, 10 Jan 2020
F-00134 - Can the GHG credit from Design & As Built v1.3 be used by projects registered under the previous rating tools?
No, Projects registered under the Green Star - Design & As Built  v1, Green Star - Design & As Built  v1.1 or Green Star - Design & As Built  v1.2  cannot target the new credit criterion from Green Star - Design & As Built v1.3. Where a registered Green Star project is required to be certified under NCC 2019 or would like...
Published on Wed, 11 Sep 2019

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