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F-00112 - Can I claim 1 innovation point for using 750 MPa steel fitments of reduced diameter on my project?
Yes, projects may pursue one (1) innovation point through 30A Innovative Technology or Process where the use of 750 MPa steel fitments of a reduced diameter are installed in lieu of equivalent 500 MPa fitments** (also known as ligatures) under the following conditions: A minimum of 70% of the structural columns for the entire building, by length, are concrete and require steel reinforcement; and 95% or more of the fitments used in these columns are ≥750 MPa replacing the equivalent 500 MPa fitments**; and 95% or more of the fitments are supplied by a Steel Maker that meets the Responsible Steel Maker requirements in the Responsible Building Materials (20.1) credit; and the fitments supplied meet Australian Standard AS 3600-2018 and have a CEV value not exceeding 0.49; and is a trademarked product; and  The project team achieves either One (1) point in the Reduced Use of Steel Reinforcement (Concrete framed building) credit (19B.2B) not including the reduction in mass of fitments; or An improvement of 4% in the Climate Change Impact category of the Life Cycle Assessment credit (19A) across all modules as a whole, excluding the B6 Operational Energy module. Documentation requirements Project teams wishing to pursue this innovation point are required to provide the following documentation: Structural engineer's specification Drawings & summary demonstrating the percentage of columns requiring fitments/ligatures Completed spreadsheet Steel_reduction_500N_to_750N_fitments_template.xlsx demonstrating the reduction in mass based on replacing 500 MPa with the smaller, higher grade 750 MPa fitments Delivery docket and/or invoice confirming supply Evidence of Responsible Steel Maker requirements Evidence the fitments were produced in line with AS 3600-2018 Evidence of the product's trademark in line with the conditions outline 30A Innovative Technology and Process submission template, specifying the pathway achieved,i.e 19A or 19B.2B. Notes: *The validity of this innovation claim will be reviewed in May 2021, 2 years after initial publication in May 2019. Projects registered during this time can pursue this innovation beyond this date. This innovation claim is only available to projects registered to Green Star - Design & Built v1.2 and beyond.  **Replacement values: 500 MPA 10mm diameter can be replaced by 750 MPa 8.2mm dia500 MPA 12mm dia can be replaced by 750 MPa 9.8mm dia500 MPA 16mm dia can be replaced by 750 MPa 13.1mm dia
Published on Fri, 7 Jun 2019
F-00106 - Do state and territory capital cities require verification as 'major cities'?
No. For the 18.2B Proximity to a Major City pathway, the following state & territory capital cities do not require project teams to provide verification of the major city designation against the current list of Major Cities from the most up to date publication from the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development & Cities: Adelaide Brisbane Canberra Darwin Hobart Melbourne Perth Sydney Project teams do however need to demonstrate they are within 5kms of the city CBD as required by the credit criterion.  A link to the publication for other Major Cities can be found here: 
Published on Thu, 4 Apr 2019
F-00102 - Do jobs from each Type B industry sector need to be 50% or less of all local jobs available?
Yes. Industry sectors in the Type B category are considered separately. I.e. In order to demonstrate compliance with Credit 18.2A 'Diverse Local Employment', no more than 50% of all jobs in the local area can be be from a single Type B industry sector.  See submission guidelines for industry sector classifications.      . 
Published on Wed, 17 Apr 2019
F-00101 - Can a project use an organisational RAP to demonstrate compliance with the Innovation Challenge - RAP?
Yes, the Green Star project being rated can use an organisation Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to demonstrate compliance with the Innovation Challenge - Compliance requirements. The registered Green Star project must demonstrate a relationship to, and a role in delivering, the action items within the organisational RAP.  This is on the basis that the intent of the compliance requirement was to have the project deliver on and incorporate RAP actions at any stage of the RAP development or implementation. Initially, in the early stages of the innovation challenge, projects were the central platform to create organisational RAPs but since this has become more commonplace, each project now must show how it is incorporating the RAP on the project so as to meet the intent of the credit which is "take formalized steps to provide opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples." All documentation requirements as per the 'Reconciliation Action Plan' Innovation Challenge, however the project team should also demonstrate compliance with the noted comment in bold above. 
Published on Thu, 14 Mar 2019
F-00098 - How is the conditional requirement for the BASIX pathway calculated?
The Conditional Requirement (15C.0) for the BASIX Pathway is calculated as a 10% reduction relative to the maximum allowable aggregate heating and cooling energy for the project climate regions as per the BASIX thermal comfort compliance criteria. A graphical explanation has been attached to this FAQ. For example, if the BASIX energy target for a project in a climate region is 15, then the maximum allowable aggregate heating a cooling energy is 85 (or 100 - 15) a 10% reduction relative to the above would be 76.5 [or 85-(10% x 85)] the Conditional Requirement would be a 23.5% reduction (or 100 - 76.5)
Published on Thu, 7 Feb 2019

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