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F-00291 - Do I need to provide a Zero Carbon Action Plan for fully electric buildings?
No. Buildings comply automatically with the Minimum Expectation "Zero Carbon Action Plan" under Credit 23 Energy Source from Green Star Buildings v1 where the building meets the Exceptional Performance of the same credit, and will not use electricity generated from fossil fuels through cogeneration or trigeneration.
Published on Tue, 27 Sep 2022
F-00290 - Can I use an alternative benchmark for pathway '19B Potable Water Benchmarks' in Green Star Performance v1.2?
Yes. When targeting the potable water credit using the 19B pathway, project teams may use a benchmark derived from the Water Intensity at the following NABERS Water Star levels in lieu of NBWeb data, under 19B Potable Water from Green Star - Performance v1.2: 2 Star NABERS Water as a proxy for the average water consumption (kL/year/GLAR) for retail buildings (shopping centre)...
Published on Tue, 27 Sep 2022
F-00289 - Can products/materials be weighted against the total material cost for the Circular Economy Leadership Challenge?
Yes, in the Circular Economy Leadership Challenge, project teams may weight the chosen products against the total material cost associated with the project in lieu of the total project cost. This is on the basis that the Leadership Challenge focuses on the circularity of materials/products within a project therefore the alternate approach aligns with the scope of the credit.
Published on Mon, 19 Sep 2022
F-00288 - How can fossil fuel use for emergency power be quantified for the Energy Source credit?
Under the 'Renewable Energy' requirement for Energy Source in Green Star Buildings, the requirements state: Any fossil fuels used for emergency power or laboratory equipment must be less than 1% of the total building energy consumption and be offset for the first five years of operation. To calculate, the GBCA advises the following: For fire systems, diesel pumps and other emergency services...
Published on Tue, 13 Sep 2022
F-00286 - Instances where a technical question no longer needs to be submitted by a project team
Technical questions related to Innovation were previously marked as free of charge. However moving forward Innovation related technical questions will be charged the standard fees of $220 (incl. of GST) as per a technical question. The following is a list of all places in the rating tool where a technical question no longer needs to be submitted. This also includes...
Published on Tue, 13 Sep 2022

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