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F-00252 - How can buildings with tenants demonstrate compliance within Green Star Buildings?
Minimum Expectations A Tenancy Fitout Guide and Model Lease Clauses can be used to demonstrate compliance with the Minimum Expectations in the following four credits: Responsible Resource Management Light Quality - Artificial Lighting Exposure to Toxins Verification and Handover - metering and monitoring (where the metering and monitoring strategy relies on connection of tenant meters) Note: Refer to the Fitout Scope - Targeting Credit Achievement and Exceptional Performance section...
Published on Thu, 26 May 2022
F-00258 - How can compliance with Provision of Outdoor Air be demonstrated for naturally ventilated, non-residential buildings?
For Minimum Expectations Provision of outdoor air - non-residential buildings Where ventilation is by natural means, the building must provide a 50% improvement of outdoor air required by AS 1668.4-2012 to each space in the regularly occupied areas under all likely weather conditions. Projects must justify how the regularly occupied areas will perform as a naturally ventilated space in these conditions. If...
Published on Fri, 8 Apr 2022
F-00256 - Is 'Warm Charging' technology considered an energy-reducing process in steel reinforcement production?
Yes, 'Warm Charging' technology is considered an energy-reducing process in steel reinforcement production and project teams may demonstrate compliance with credit 20.1B Energy-Reducing Processes in Steel Reinforcement in the Green Star - Design & As Built rating tool on the condition that: The steel manufacturer has had their 'warm charging' process peer reviewed by an independent third party LCA practionier and...
Published on Wed, 9 Mar 2022
F-00254 - Correction for climate zone in Perth, WA in the Green Star Homes Standard.
The GBCA clarifies that the NCC climate zone associated with Perth, WA on page 37 of the Green Star Homes v1 Standard is incorrect.  The correct NCC climate zone for Perth, WA is zone 5.
Published on Wed, 9 Mar 2022
F-00251 - What does the 'Total Building Services Value' in Green Star Buildings refer to?
The 'Total Building Services Value' mentioned in the credit criteria Verification and Handover for Green Star - Buildings v1 can refer to the building services contract value or the cost of the building services equipment provided the same definition is adopted throughout the submission. 
Published on Tue, 22 Feb 2022

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