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Amanda Fyfe


I am the Canberra Partner and bring multi-disciplined skills to the Gray Puksand team through my extensive experience in interior design and architecture. I enjoy overseeing and mentoring project teams to get the best possible outcome. I have very well developed, proactive client and stakeholder engagement skills. My experience in workplace sectors informs my sympathetic and committed approach to client briefing processes and overall design methodologies.

Green Star Accredited Professional - Design & As Built (Jun 2008)
Green Star - Design & As Built
Jun 2008 - Jun 2022

Continuing professional development

2022 Achievements

THU, 16 JUN 2022
Approx 2 weeks ago
Green Building Day virtual (NAT)
MON, 24 JAN 2022
Approx 5 months ago
Living Future Accreditation

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