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F-00317 - Where can I find the Australian Indigenous Design Charter referenced in Indigenous Inclusion?
For the purposes of the Indigenous Inclusion credit, the Australian Indigenous Design Charter can be found at: 
Published on Tue, 21 Mar 2023
F-00316 - Is there an alternative pathway to comply with the criteria 'Vapour Management' in the Green Star Home standard?
Yes. Homes located in NCC climate zones 6 and 7 may demonstrate compliance with the criteria 'Vapour Management' in the Green Star Home standard without installing an internal lining on the following conditions: The home comes equipped with a continuous and balanced mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system serving all living rooms and bedrooms, while air extraction is provided in wet areas,...
Published on Mon, 6 Mar 2023
F-00310 - Is a roof terrace or balcony considered hardscaping for the purposes of Heat Island Reduction?
Yes. Where a roof terrace or balcony is expected to be occupied or have pedestrian traffic, the roof terrace or balcony must be classified as a hardscape element on the ground floor. 
Published on Fri, 24 Feb 2023
F-00312 - I have a GSAP accreditation for Green Star - Design & As Built; can I use this for Green Star - Interiors?
Yes. Green Star Accredited Professionals (GSAPs) who have a valid accreditation under the Green Star Green Star - Design & As Built GSAP program may use this certification when targeting Credit 1 - Green Star Accredited Professional for the Green Star - Interiors rating tools. 
Published on Thu, 16 Mar 2023
F-00307 - Are Savanna burning offsets accepted as a Nature Based Solutions for the purposes of Green Star?
Yes.  Savanna Burning Offsets (Emissions reductions offsets) are accepted as a nature based solutions for the purposes of Green Star Buildings v1 only. For all other Future Focus Rating tools under Green Star, only carbon removal offsets are accepted as nature based solutions. Future versions of Green Star Buildings will not allow Savana Burning Offsets. 
Updated on Fri, 3 Feb 2023

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