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F-00209 - Can I apply the 'Recertification' Compliance Requirements from Communities v1.1 to earlier versions of the rating tool?
Yes. The GBCA confirms that projects targeting earlier versions of the Green Star - Communities rating tool may apply the 'Recertification' Guidance and Compliance Requirements from Green Star - Communities v1.1 in the absence of guidance throughout earlier iterations of the rating tool.   Where the following credits/ criterion have been awarded in the previous Certification and no changes have been made...
Published on Wed, 5 May 2021
F-00210 - Are points available on a sliding scale in Green Star Buildings?
No.  There are no sliding scale points available within the Green Star Buildings rating tool. The credits have been developed to define a clear outcome that a project must meet. Where the outcome is verified to have been met, a project will be rewarded with the relevant available points.      
Published on Thu, 29 Apr 2021
F-00207 - Can my project mark 10.2 Surface Illuminance NA due to the specific requirements for lighting within retail fitouts?
Yes, retail projects may mark credit criterion 10.2 Surface Illuminance as 'Not Applicable' (NA) due to the specific requirements for lighting design within retail fitouts.   It is noted that the outcome targeted by the ‘Surface Illuminance’ criteria of the Lighting Comfort credit is not always relevant in retail spaces which focus on the lighting of product and creating visual interest. Documentation Requirements: Please...
Published on Mon, 19 Apr 2021
F-00205 - Can biogas be considered a renewable energy source?
While biogas in some instances can be considered a renewable energy source, it is not currently accepted under Green Star for the purposes of the Fuel Switching credit.  There are two reasons for this: A. If the biogas supply is being provided via another means other than the reticulated network, there is no clear mechanism to show that the gas supply...
Published on Fri, 16 Apr 2021
F-00204 - What is typically included in the scope of a Green Star- Communities rating i.e. are buildings included?
The GBCA clarifies the following; A Green Star-Communities rating should address anything within the geographical boundary of the development as defined in the Masterplan and associated documents. This includes public spaces and infrastructure as well as any buildings. This approach should be applied consistently across all credits unless a credit explicitly states that building works may be excluded, or where the...
Published on Mon, 12 Apr 2021

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