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FAQ F-00096
How do I get the Sustainable Transport Calculators to work?

The externally provided software the Transport Calculators rely on has recently changed to pay-per-use. As such the Sustainable Transport and Access by Public Transport Calculator outputs will only be available to project teams of registered Green Star Projects until further notice. 

For registered Green Star projects, please submit a technical question (free of charge) through the Green Star Manager, and include the following:

  • Green Star number
  • Project Name
  • Project Address (not geocode)
  • Type of project. E.g. office, retail, etc.
  • Number of occupants (for the Access by Public Transport Calculator only).
  • State which Calculator is required: Sustainable Transport and/or Access by Public Transport Calculator.

Results will be issued as a pdf for the Access by Public Transport calculator for use in the project submission. For Sustainable Transport, an excel calculator with project-specific reference mode share will be generated for use by the project team.

All costs associated with running the transport calculators for registered projects will be absorbed by the GBCA. 

Non-registered projects can still access these calculator outputs by submitting a technical question for up to four individual calculators. These technical questions will be charged at the standard rate of $200 (+GST).

Rating Tools

This FAQ is related to the following Rating Tools, Categories or Credits:

  • Green Star - Design & As Built v1 / Transport / Sustainable Transport
  • Green Star - Design & As Built v1.1 / Transport / Sustainable Transport
  • Green Star - Design & As Built v1.2 / Transport / Sustainable Transport
  • Green Star - Interiors v1 / Transport / Sustainable Transport
  • Green Star - Interiors v1.1 / Transport / Sustainable Transport
  • Green Star - Interiors v1.2 / Transport / Sustainable Transport


These FAQs are:

  • provided as additional technical assistance for Green Star users.
  • optional and free to use on Green Star projects.

When used on Green Star projects, make sure to:
  • state the FAQ number on the Submission Template.
  • click on "Download" to save the FAQ.
  • include the PDF in the submission.

The GBCA reserves the right to add or remove FAQ at our discretion.

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