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FAQ F-00374
Is there further guidance on the scoring metrics for Market Transformation from Green Star Buildings v1?

Yes, project teams may use the below table for further guidance on the scoring metrics under the Market Transformation credit from Green Star Buildings v1. It would be expected that the initiatives proposed under the Market Transformation credit would be rated highly in at least three categories and medium in the remaining two. 

The metrics are: 

  • Control of outcome: the initiative delivers a guaranteed outcome
  • Scale of impact: the scale of impact is significant. For example, the outcome may satisfy multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Transformation potential: the initiative has the potential to transform an industry or sector
  • Length of impact: the initiative delivers long-lasting impacts
  • Value generation: the initiative can deliver benefits to both stakeholders (e.g., building owner or occupants) as well as the general public



Control of outcome

Scale of impact

Transformation potential

Length of impact

Value generation



The project goes through a process to try ensure the outcome is achieved, but there is no certainty.


Addresses one SDG, no direct link to GBCA Strategy, limited beneficiaries 

Precinct only

Benefits are only accrued to precinct occupants or precinct developer.

1 year

Benefits are felt from construction to around 5 years after practical completion 


Credit is mostly standard practice for industry and expected by the market



The project has the ability to influence an outcome. The greater the effort, the higher the likelihood of this being achieved. Somewhat certainty. 


Addresses at least two SDGs, link to megatrends, at least two beneficiaries

Surrounding Community

The benefits extend beyond the precinct, but are limited to the surrounding neighbourhood or precinct

5 years

Benefits are felt from about 5 years after practical completion to around 20 years


Credit outcomes are somewhat valued by stakeholders, particularly those looking to get a high Green Star score.



The project is directly responsible for achieving the outcome. Guaranteed certainty.


Addresses multiple SDGs, aligned with megatrends, multiple beneficiaries

Market transformation

This market transformation claim plays a significant role in transforming an industry or sector 

20+ years

Benefits are felt for longer than 20 years


Credit outcome has broad benefits but is rarely sought after.

Rating Tools

This FAQ is related to the following Rating Tools, Categories or Credits:

  • Green Star Buildings v1 / Leadership / 40 Market Transformation
  • Green Star Buildings v1.0 / Leadership / 40 Market Transformation


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