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FAQ F-00360
What is the process to obtain an extension year audit during the transition to Performance v2?

Please note that the GBCA is no longer accepting new registrations for Green Star Performance under the 3-year cycle (initial certification + year 1 and year 2 audit). During the transition from Green Star Performance v1.2 to version 2, projects will be invoiced at the annual rate for 12-months certification.

Where the 3-year cycle is complete, portfolios are eligible for an additional audit year if they do not wish to do a full recertification to maintain their rating before transitioning over to Performance v2. Project teams wishing to fully recertify under v1.2 will be registered for a 12-month certification.

To register for an extension year audit please follow these steps:

  1. Submit an Eligibility Query to the GBCA requesting an audit year for the asset or portfolio. Eligibility Queries are submitted via the GBCA dashboard using the ‘My Requests’ / ‘Ask a Question’ function and are free of charge.
  2. Once the Eligibility Query is approved and you are ready to register, log on to the GBCA dashboard and create a new registration.
  3. Name the project with ‘Year 3’ or ‘Year 4’ in the project title. For example: Company A Retail Portfolio Year 3.
  4. Upload your list of assets using the Excel Performance Portfolio Template. Please be sure to populate the NABERS (YES/NO) column in the asset list.
  5. The GBCA will raise an invoice for the annual certification fee based on the number of assets.
  6. The Technical Coordinator assigned to the project will update the resources and provide you with the scorecard with the new GS numbers for the portfolio assets.
  7. Project team to submit as per normal and the assessment process will not change.


All existing Performance ratings must transition to Green Star Performance version 2 by January 2026. Should you have any further questions please contact the GBCA Market Engagement team via


Rating Tools

This FAQ is related to the following Rating Tools, Categories or Credits:

  • Green Star - Performance v1.2
  • Green Star - Performance 1.2.0


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