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FAQ F-00316
Is there an alternative pathway to comply with the criteria 'Vapour Management' in the Green Star Home standard?


Homes located in NCC climate zones 6 and 7 may demonstrate compliance with the criteria 'Vapour Management' in the Green Star Home standard without installing an internal lining on the following conditions:

  1. The home comes equipped with a continuous and balanced mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system serving all living rooms and bedrooms, while air extraction is provided in wet areas, as required in the Air Quality credit of the Green Star Home standard
  2. The home achieves air permeability performance as required in the Airtightness credit of the Green Star Home standard
  3. The project team provides a narrative of the home’s strategy to mitigate mould growth risk

This alternative approach is provided on the basis that a strategy is in place to mitigate mould growth risk. When considering the strategy, GBCA directs project teams to AIRAH technical guide DA07: Criteria for Moisture Control Design Analysis.


Documentation Requirements:

Please provide the following in your submission:

  • Narrative describing the home's strategy to mitigate mould growth
  • All other documentation as per the Submission Guidelines
  • A copy of this FAQ


Note - Project teams are encouraged to install an internal lining, however, it is not required for the purposes of the Green Star Home standard when the conditions herein are met.

Rating Tools

This FAQ is related to the following Rating Tools, Categories or Credits:

  • Green Star Homes v1 / Healthy / 9 Moisture Management


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