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FAQ F-00288
How can fossil fuel use for emergency power be quantified for the Energy Source credit?

Under the 'Renewable Energy' requirement for Energy Source in Green Star Buildings, the requirements state: Any fossil fuels used for emergency power or laboratory equipment must be less than 1% of the total building energy consumption and be offset for the first five years of operation.

To calculate, the GBCA advises the following:

For fire systems, diesel pumps and other emergency services that use fossil fuels, the amount of carbon emissions to be offset should be based on estimated fuel use from regular scheduled testing and predicted peak shaving events (where it is anticipated systems will be deployed for this use). The fuel-specific emissions factor from National Greenhouse Accounts factors published at the year of project registration (or any subsequent year by choice) must be applied. 

Rating Tools

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  • Green Star Buildings v1 / Positive / 23 Energy Source


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