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FAQ F-00280
Why can't I add project contacts in the Green Star Online Platform?

There are two main reasons why you may not be able to add project contacts to a project in the Green Star Online platform:

1. The user does not have a GBCA account.

All contacts are required to have a GBCA account. If the user does not have an account, they can create an account on the GBCA website, by following the prompts.

To create an account click here!

2. The user has a GBCA account but has not accessed Green Star Online yet.

Contacts that haven’t accessed the new online portal before will need to log into their GBCA account and access the new portal and accept all the permission prompts.

Once this is done, you’ll be able to add them as project contacts which will give them access to the project submission.


If you experience any issues with the Green Star Online platform, please check the 'Green Star Online platform status updates' webpage to report the issue.


Note: The 'Green Star Online - Introduction to Platform' document also provides guidance on using the platform and can be found in the Resources Portal tab of your Green Star Dashboard.





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Rating Tools

This FAQ is related to the following Rating Tools, Categories or Credits:

  • Green Star Buildings v1.0
  • Green Star Homes v1
  • Green Star Homes PILOT


These FAQs are:

  • provided as additional technical assistance for Green Star users.
  • optional and free to use on Green Star projects.

When used on Green Star projects, make sure to:
  • state the FAQ number on the Submission Template.
  • click on "Download" to save the FAQ.
  • include the PDF in the submission.

The GBCA reserves the right to add or remove FAQ at our discretion.

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