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FAQ F-00279
Can I certify components of a single building using Green Star Buildings, for example the residential component only?

The Green Star Buildings rating tool has been designed to rate the whole building under a single certification, regardless of the types of uses within it. The credit structure and inclusion of mixed-use pathways facilitates this. Similarly, only distinct projects are eligible for assessment and a rating cannot be sought for project components. This is because excluding portions of the building could be misleading and a risk to the Green Star brand; particularly given the introduction of minimum expectations and the Climate Positive Pathway strategy that is being implemented incrementally between now and 2030 and outlines a clear pathway to decarbonisation.  

In extenuating circumstances, multiple distinct ratings may be sought within a single building. In this instance, eligibility must be reviewed by GBCA through an eligibility request and may be granted by exception only:

  • For the GBCA to consider approving a proposal whereby multiple distinct ratings are sought within a single building, the project must meet the following requirements at minimum: 
    • The multiple ratings should, in aggregate, cover the entire building so that no components are excluded from formal certifications; and 
    • If any ratings in the building are targeting the Climate Positive Pathway (either by choice or mandate), the entire building (all ratings) must comply with this. For example, any project targeting the Climate Positive Pathway must be 100% powered by renewables, fossil fuel free and use no natural gas for domestic hot water, cooking or heating across the entire building, regardless of whether this is base building or tenant energy consumption. Therefore, gas cannot be used in the retail portion of a building that is targeting the Climate Positive Pathway nor can a project exclude the retail component from the rating as an alternative.


  • By 2023 onwards all projects registering to target 5 star or 6 star Green Star Buildings ratings must comply with the Climate Positive Pathway. This requirement will extend to projects registering to target 4 star from 2026 onwards. 
  • The project team is encouraged to work with the GBCA to include the entire building in the project scope and we are happy to provide resources on the benefits of certification. Please also note that our support document A Practical Guide to Electrification for New Buildings may assist these discussions around certification of the entire building. 
  • There may be situations where a building has a distinct rating boundary even if it is collocated or connected with another building that is not seeking certification.  In these instances, speak to the Market Engagement team as the distinct boundary must be reviewed and approved by the GBCA through an eligibility request.

Rating Tools

This FAQ is related to the following Rating Tools, Categories or Credits:

  • Green Star Buildings v1
  • Green Star Buildings v1.0


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