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FAQ F-00278
What is the process for upgrading my project from Design & As Built to Green Star Buildings?

The Upgrade Process:

1) Reach out to the GBCA and let us know that you are interested in upgrading to Green Star Buildings.

2) If Version 3.7 of the certification agreement was executed when the project was registered, the project Applicant will need to execute a new certification agreement (Version 3.8). This includes key clauses relating to Green Star Buildings and the use of data. A full list of changes can be found here. If Version 3.8 was executed by the project Applicant at the point of registration no further action is required.

3) Submit a complementary Technical Question to the GBCA outlining all previously submitted Eligibility Requests or Technical Questions and request that they be reviewed for compliance under Green Star Buildings. Once the assigned Technical Coordinator has reviewed and updated these response, if required, they will be reissued to the project team.

Note: Given the changed scope and credit requirements, particularly addressing decarbonisation, all previously issued technical questions, eligibility requests and boundary and area definitions must be reviewed and reassessed. For example, retail tenancies with natural gas connection cannot be excluded from the boundary definition of a 6 Star rated building or one targeting the Climate Positive Pathway.

Rating Tools

This FAQ is related to the following Rating Tools, Categories or Credits:

  • Green Star Buildings v1.0


These FAQs are:

  • provided as additional technical assistance for Green Star users.
  • optional and free to use on Green Star projects.

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