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FAQ F-00230
Can a project target the pathway 16C under 16 Peak Electricity Demand in Green Star - Performance v1.2?

Yes, a project may target pathway 16C under credit 16 Peak Electricity Demand from Green Star - Performance v1.2 by using the 50kVA benchmark on the condition that :

  • The project is a commercial building and
  • The scope of electricity is a base building. 


Documentation Requirements:

Please provide the following in your submission:

  • Documentation requirements as per the submission guidelines;
  • A copy of this response.


Rating Tools

This FAQ is related to the following Rating Tools, Categories or Credits:

  • Green Star - Performance v1.1 / Energy / 16 Peak Electricity Demand
  • Green Star - Performance 1.2.0 / Energy / 16 Peak Electricity Demand


These FAQs are:

  • provided as additional technical assistance for Green Star users.
  • optional and free to use on Green Star projects.

When used on Green Star projects, make sure to:
  • state the FAQ number on the Submission Template.
  • click on "Download" to save the FAQ.
  • include the PDF in the submission.

The GBCA reserves the right to add or remove FAQ at our discretion.

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