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FAQ F-00209
Can I apply the 'Recertification' Compliance Requirements from Communities v1.1 to earlier versions of the rating tool?

Yes. The GBCA confirms that projects targeting earlier versions of the Green Star - Communities rating tool may apply the 'Recertification' Guidance and Compliance Requirements from Green Star - Communities v1.1 in the absence of guidance throughout earlier iterations of the rating tool.


Where the following credits/ criterion have been awarded in the previous Certification and no changes have been made that would impact the outcome, the compliance requirements can be considered to be met.

  • 2 Design Review;
  • 7 Community Participation & Governance
  • 8 Environmental Management
  • 9 Healthy & Active Living
  • 10.1 Community Development Officer
  • 10.1/2/3 Community Group/ Events/ Information
  • 11 Sustainable Buildings
  • 12.2 Enhancing Community, Culture, Heritage & Identity
  • 13 Walkable Access to Amenities
  • 14 Access to Fresh Food
  • 15 Safe Places
  • 16.1 Community Infrastructure Investment
  • 17 Affordability
  • 18 Employment & Economic Resilience
  • 19 Education & Skills Development
  • 21 Incentive Programs
  • 22 Digital Infrastructure
  • 23 Peak Electricity Demand Reduction
  • 24A & B Integrated Water Cycle
  • 25A & B Greenhouse Gas Strategy
  • 26 A & B Materials
  • 27A & B Sustainable Transport & Movement
  • 28 Sustainable Sites
  • 29 Ecological Value
  • 30.2 Operational Waste
  • 31.1 Heat Island Effect

For all other credits, the project team may apply the Green Star - Communities v1.1 'Recertification' compliance guidance, demonstrating that the condition/additional information has been met in line with the version of the rating tool that is being targeted.

i.e. For 4.1 Climate Adaptation Plan - i. Where this credit criterion has been awarded in the previous Certification, the compliance requirements for the development of a Climate Adaptation Plan (CAP) can be considered to be met. Compliance is required to be demonstrated for requirement 4.1.8 below.

4.1.8 Applicants must demonstrate that the CAP was reviewed and updated as necessary in accordance with:
a. Its timetable for regular review, and
b. Any updates to the base information required for the development of the project’s relevant climate change scenarios.


For Note: Where any credit criterion have been awarded in the previous Certification on the basis of a confirmation/letter of commitment,  and/or changes have been made to the Plan for Development that would impact the credit outcomes within the project site, recertification is required against the Compliance Requirements for the credit as detailed under Initial Certification.

Rating Tools

This FAQ is related to the following Rating Tools, Categories or Credits:

  • Green Star - Communities v1
  • Green Star - Communities PILOT v0.0
  • Green Star - Communities PILOT v0.1
  • Green Star - Communities PILOT v0.2


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