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FAQ F-00204
What is typically included in the scope of a Green Star- Communities rating i.e. are buildings included?

The GBCA clarifies the following;

A Green Star-Communities rating should address anything within the geographical boundary of the development as defined in the Masterplan and associated documents. This includes public spaces and infrastructure as well as any buildings. This approach should be applied consistently across all credits unless a credit explicitly states that building works may be excluded, or where the element being delivered clearly has no relationship to buildings.

It is noted that unless specifically stated as 'Head Contractor', the guidelines are referencing all contractors working on the delivery of the development, or a specifically qualified contractor i.e. the waste contractor relevant to the achievement of the credit in question. 

The GBCA notes the following definitions;

Construction Works: any design, construction or operation activity associated with a development under Part 4 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (the Act) or an activity under Part 5 of the Act excluding building works as defined therein.
Building works: any physical activity involved in the erection of a building.


The following credit specific guidance may be applied. 

  • 8 Environmental Management; to demonstrate compliance with 8.2 Environmental Management Plan, a comprehensive, project specific Environmental Management Plan (EMP) should be developed and implemented for construction works. All subcontractors must adhere to this EMP however building works may be excluded. The GBCA notes that 8.1 Environmental Management System applies to all contractors with a contract value or combined contract value of > $5 million, including building contractors.
  • 23B Onsite Generation- Prescriptive Pathway; 2 points are awarded where at least 30% of the annual electrical energy needs of the project are met through on-site power generation systems. This applies to the entire masterplan and anything within its boundary, including buildings. 
  • 26 Materials; the intent of the credit is to reduce the environmental impacts of construction materials for the site wide works over their life cycle. Site wide works include anything within the masterplan and its boundary including buildings. Refer to FAQ-00182 for further guidance; projects should consider the lifecycle impacts associated with the buildings in alignment with the Design & As Built LCA requirements. To meet the minimum requirement, Responsible Sourcing 26A.0 or 26B.0, the project may exclude timber used for building works from the total cost of timber used on the project however the minimum requirements for steel, asphalt and concrete should be addressed on a site-wide basis.
  • 30.1 Construction and Demolition Waste; for the purposes of this credit, wastes associated with buildings works are excluded. All other construction works waste, including demolition wastes, for the whole project site are included.


Rating Tools

This FAQ is related to the following Rating Tools, Categories or Credits:

  • Green Star - Communities v1.1 / Economic Prosperity
  • Green Star - Communities v1.1 / Environment
  • Green Star - Communities v1.1 / Governance
  • Green Star - Communities v1.1 / Liveability


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