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FAQ F-00157
How are class 3 projects treated for the purposes of 'Metering' credit in Green Star - Design & As Built ?

For the purposes of the 'Metering' credit criteria in Green Star - Design & As-Built, for a Class 3 project, floor-by-floor energy metering will suffice to meet the requirements of the metering credit, where the entire floor has a single-use and the project is operated and managed by a single operator.

Where a floor has different uses, i.e. accommodation rooms, common areas, study rooms, lounge area, etc -  the different uses must be metered independently on each floor for comparison at a suitable level of detail, that is of value to the operator of the project. 

Please refer to the relevant Submission Guidelines to ensure all other compliance and documentation requirements are met. 


Rating Tools

This FAQ is related to the following Rating Tools, Categories or Credits:

  • Green Star - Design & As Built v1 / Management / 6 Metering
  • Green Star - Design & As Built v1.1 / Management / 6 Metering
  • Green Star - Design & As Built v1.2 / Management / 6 Metering and Monitoring - Metering
  • Green Star - Design & As Built v1.3 / Management / 6.0 Metering
  • Green Star - Design & As Built v1.3 / Management / 6.0.1 Metering Distinct Uses or Floors


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