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  • 30 mins

    Have a GBCA representative present your Green Star certificate.

  • 40 mins

    Residential and commercial buildings are responsible for 23 per cent of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions. Find out what Australia's green building industry is doing to minimise its carbon footprint. Hear about the latest trends, technologies and political developments and the vision that the GBCA is working towards.

  • 40 mins

    Learn how green building leaders around the world are working on global solutions to our global climate change challenges, how does Australia compare with innovation and new technologies and learn how Australians can capitalise on international developments.

  • 1 hour

    How can your state capitalise on the next wave of green building? We can provide an update of green building activities, trends, technologies and future directions in your state.

  • 1 hour

    Hear progress on new Green Star tools for a variety of industry sectors. Learn about practical applications of the tools, as well as the challenges and opportunities of working within the Green Star framework.

  • 40 mins

    Hear an overview of Green Star projects, as well as the key learnings and challenges the project teams faced. Gain insights into the challenges and rewards of building green.

  • 1 hour

    How can you market your Green Star project to capitalise on your green building achievements and differentiate your project in the marketplace? This presentation will provide you with ideas and support to gain publicity, build your business' reputation and increase demand for building occupancy.

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Speaker Request Terms and Conditions

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) is a national, not-for-profit organisation that is committed to developing a sustainable property industry for Australia by encouraging the adoption of green building practices.

In an effort to support the 'greening' of the built environment in Australia, the GBCA welcomes requests for our staff to speak at industry events, conferences and meetings. The GBCA has set up a Speakers Bureau to deal with all requests relating to this service.

In submitting the Speaker Request Form attached you are accepting the GBCA Speaker Request Terms & Conditions set out below. All correspondence will be conducted online on our website. Should you require further assistance or have any questions regarding Speaker Requests, please email

Fees and Charges

As the GBCA is a not-for-profit organisation, all costs related to speaker requests are required to be reimbursed by the company lodging the form.

For Members this is a free service, with only the cost related to the request such as travel, required to be reimbursed. We are currently only accepting offers to speak at member organisation events.

Invoices will be sent as soon as a speaker is confirmed and assigned for your event. The invoice must be paid in its totality at least 5 days before the event.

1. Lodging speaker request forms

  1. Lodging a Speaker Request form does not ensure the availability or acceptance of GBCA speakers - it will be treated as an expression of interest, to be either confirmed or declined in writing - upon the discretion of the GBCA.
  2. Speaker Request forms must be lodged at least one month before the specified event in order to be considered by the GBCA.

2. Allocating speakers

  1. All Speaker Request forms will be considered and the decision to accept or decline your request will be based on the availability of GBCA speakers, time constraints and the suitability of the topic to the expertise of our staff.
  2. GBCA member organisations will receive preference over non-member organisations when allocating speakers. This is to ensure the GBCA membership benefits are upheld and members are supported to the best of our ability.
  3. Whilst the GBCA endeavours to support its member organisations in accepting their requests for speakers, unfortunately it is not possible to find speakers in every instance. We regret your disappointment and will endeavour to find an alternative date or time to present for you.
  4. The availability of specific GBCA speakers cannot be guaranteed. The Speaker Bureau will endeavour to provide the speaker nominated, however, if this is not possible a suitable replacement may nominated by the GBCA. This information will be advised in writing by the GBCA at the time of acceptance.
  5. Organisations are to submit any necessary information about their event withtheir Speaker Request form. This will assist in finding an appropriate speaker for you.
  6. If and when possible the GBCA endeavours to minimize unnecessary flights and carbon emissions. As such we appreciate organisations utilizing our State Managers for presentations when possible, or the use of video conferencing when interstate GBCA staff members are required.

3. Speaker expenses and reimbursement policy

  1. The GBCA is a not-for-profit organisation. In accepting the Speaker Request Terms & Conditions you acknowledge your responsibility to provide reimbursement for all reasonable expenses incurred by the GBCA in accepting your request for a speaker. Such expenses may include flights, accommodation, transfers and meals where necessary.
  2. The GBCA requests that flights used to transport our speakers be carbon-offset by the organisation lodging the Speaker Request form.
  3. There may be an instance where the GBCA will charge the organisation because ofthe type of speech required. We will notify you prior to confirmation if this is the case.

4. Advertising GBCA speakers at your event

  1. Organisations who submit Speaker Request forms are not permitted to advertise the presence of GBCA speakers until written confirmation is given by the GBCA Speaker Bureau. The promotion or advertising of the presence of a GBCA speaker at your event must be in a form approved by the GBCA.

5. Cancellations

  1. Cancellations must be advised in writing to the GBCA Speaker Bureau. Any other form of correspondence will not be acknowledged. Any expenses incurred by the GBCA in preparation for your event must be reimbursed.