Australia Worldwide - Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Alan Tate - Editor
Focus Publishing Pty Ltd
Bondi Junction

This new publications looks at:

Sustainability Solutions
The global shift
The shift in Australia
Creating solutions for a sustainable future
Sustainable solutions on offer

The Elements
Managing scarce water
Cleaning up waste
Working with the land
Trasition to sustainable energy
Cleaner air

Living Cities
Systems thinking key to the sustainable city
City of cities is the city of the future
Initiatives in better building
Local leadership
Moving around in the sustainable city
The less thirsty city
Reduce, re-use, recycle
The healthier city
Planning for the future
Sustainable urban development gains momentum
The importance of sustainable cities

Tomorrow's Technologies
Research and development
Partnerships to enhance research and developmentand the commercialisation of innovation
Innovative approaches from Australian industries