GBCA Certified Green Star Projects Green Building Council of Australia


6 Star Green Star Rating - Green Star - Communities PILOT v0.0

  • Status Certified
  • Address
    81 Richmond Road
    Blacktown NSW
  • Certified Thu 17 Mar 2016
  • Score 81.3
  • Applicant(s)
    Australand Residential No.165 Pty Ltd (parent Frasers Property Australia Pty Ltd)
  • Architect
    Cox Architecture Pty Ltd
  • ESD Consultant
  • Landscaping Consultant
    McGregor Coxall Pty Ltd
  • Project Manager
    Raymond Baksmati
  • Structural/Civil Engineer
  • Main Contractor
    Burton Contractors

Category Achievements


  • A Green Star Accredited Professional was engaged to support the Green Star certification process
  • The project applicant reports publically against their corporate responsibility policy annually
  • Project level reporting is undertaken against the GRI Standard Disclosures and = 10 GRI Indicators.
  • Sustainability education facilities are provide within the project site
  • The project has contributed to Industry Capacity Development in built-environment sustainability
  • The project has a publically available Community Users' Guide for the project occupants
  • The project has a comprehensive, project-specific Stakeholder Engagement Strategy.
  • The Engagement Strategy has been implemented with monitoring, evaluation and corrective action.
  • The vision for the project was developed through a collaborative Visioning Process.
  • A community program or service is managed, coordinated or organised by a community led entity.
  • The project has a project-specific Climate Adaptation Plan.
  • The project has a project-specific Community Resilience Plan.
  • A project-specific Environmental Management Plan has been developed and implemented.
  • Operational works contractors have ISO 14001 Environmental Management System accreditation.


  • 75% of the project site comprises previously developed land.
  • The project site has been reclaimed through best practice remediation techniques.
  • The planning and design of the project site included a comprehensive context analysis.
  • The Project's site planning and layout has been subject to an independent design review process.
  • The Project's urban design has been subject to an independent design review process.


  • All habitable buildings on the project site have walkable access to a diverse number of amenities.
  • The project has a Community Development Plan.
  • A Community Development Officer has been employed to implement the Community Development Plan.
  • A community group is involved in the implentation of the Community Development Plan.
  • Free community events are facilitated and supported.
  • Information on community matters is made available to all project occupants.
  • The project meets the minimum requirement for footpath provision.
  • The project has been designed to promote an active lifestyle, with paths and cyclist facilities.
  • Project occupants have easy access to a local park and a publicly accessible sports facility.
  • The project has been designed and built in line with holistic active and healthy living principles.
  • All tunnels and underpasses within the project site have end-to-end visibility.
  • All public areas (i.e. playgrounds, skate parks etc.) are visible from at least one street.
  • The planning and design of the project site included a crime risk assessment process.
  • Good design has been adopted throughout the project site so as to deter crime.
  • The culture, heritage, and identity of the project site has been researched and interpreted.
  • A place of cultural heritage significance has undergone adaptive re-use to meet community needs.
  • Art and culture programs have been implemented to strengthen cultural connections.

Economic Prosperity

  • The projects plan for development will provide a net percentage increase in jobs in the area.
  • Diverse local employment is available due to the projects proximity to a major city.
  • Project Occupants will have access to higher education facilities within a 45 minute Commute
  • Skills development programs are available for targeted, in need stakeholder groups.
  • A cost and benefit analysis (direct) has been undertaken for optional investment items.
  • A cost and benefit analysis (indirect) has been undertaken for optional investment items.
  • The project includes optional investment in community infrastructure of $1750-$2000 per dwelling.
  • The Minimum Requirement for Living Affordability has been met.
  • At least two residential affordability strategies have been implemented as part of the project.
  • Incentives of at least $750 per dwelling are offered to encourage a change in occupants behaviour
  • All habitable buildings will be provided with FTTP or fixed wireless connectivity (100Mbps/20Mbps)
  • Telecommute infrastructure is provided at nominated locations in the project.
  • Fuel sources other than grid electricity are used for water heating and space heating and cooling.


  • The project meets the minimum requirement for EPBC Act approval.
  • The project has a Waste Management Plan for contruction and demolition Waste.
  • The project has measures in place to reduce the environmental impacts of operational waste.
  • An Integrated Transport Plan informed the approach to transport in the project.
  • The project has a shared, pooled or common use parking regime.
  • Public transport (compliant by frequencing and accessibility) is available to the project occupants.
  • The project site's ecological value is enhanced by the plan for development.
  • The project has been designed with measures to reduce Heat Island Effect.
  • 95% of external public lighting luminaries within the project have an Upward Light Output Ratio <5%.
  • The GHG Intensity of energy supplied to the project has been reduced by 17% – 32%
  • Irrigation for all POS and public realm will be sourced from alternative water sources.
  • Stormwater runoff will be managed on site to maintain a similar frequency of flow to predevelopment.
  • Key pollutants discharged in site stormwater have been reduced to protect receiving waters.
  • The project runoff is 15 to 5 days greater than the natural annual runoff days.
  • The project meets the minimum requirements for the responsible sourcing of materials.
  • 95% of all reinforcing steel meets or exceeds 500MPa strength grade.
  • Warm mix asphalt has been used in the project.