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Hasan Ibna Kamal


As an experienced electrical engineer, I bring expertise in building electrical services, sustainable electrical design, and energy efficiency. My ongoing studies for a Master of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building at RMIT University are deepening my understanding of energy efficiency and sustainability in the built environment, including the latest technologies and best practices for reducing energy consumption, optimising building performance, and minimising environmental impact. My experience in the Public Works Department, under the Ministry of Housing and Public Works of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, has honed my technical skills in electrical engineering, project management, and sustainable design principles. I have a solid understanding of the electrical services design of buildings and a proven track record of delivering successful projects on time and within budget.

Green Star Accredited Professional - Buildings (Dec 2023)
Contact | +61 480 331 310
Green Star Buildings
Nov 2023 - Jun 2024

Continuing professional development

THU, 14 DEC 2023
Approx 5 months ago
RMIT - Green Star Buildings: advanced course (NAT)
MON, 11 DEC 2023
Approx 6 months ago
RMIT - Green Star foundations (NAT)