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Siddarth Pradhan


Engineering Technical Support Officer by day, and a sustainability warrior by night. With 3+ years of experience in the building sector and a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, I bring technical expertise and a creative approach to solving engineering challenges, all while keeping Mother Nature in mind. My passion for sustainable design, circular economy, waste management, building rating tools, and green infrastructure has led me to successfully develop a good foundation within these fields. When I'm not busy saving the world (or at least my inbox), you can find me exploring the great outdoors, practicing my soccer juggling, or daydreaming about sustainable cities of the future. I strive to bring a positive and light-hearted attitude to everything I do and I am very eager to continue growing my skills and knowledge in this field and to be part of shaping a more sustainable future.

Green Star Accredited Professional - Buildings (Feb 2023)
Green Star Accredited Professional - Communities (Mar 2023)
Green Star Accredited Professional - Design & As Built (and Interiors) (Jun 2020)
Contact | +61 416 321 748
Green Star Buildings
Green Star - Communities
May 2020 - Jun 2023

Continuing professional development

WED, 22 FEB 2023
Approx 1 month ago
Green Star - Communities: advanced course (NAT)
THU, 2 FEB 2023
Approx 2 months ago
Green Star Buildings: advanced course (NAT)
WED, 24 JUN 2020
Approx 3 years ago
Green Star Advanced: Design & As Built (NAT)
THU, 28 MAY 2020
Approx 3 years ago
Green Star Foundations (NAT)