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Software partners making Green Star easier to use

We're developing a framework to work with software providers. Together, we want to make Green Star easier to use.

Next year, we'll be launching a single, streamlined Green Star — Design & As Built rating tool. This rating tool will be easier to use and delivered online. We want to work with software partners to develop bespoke software programs that assist project teams to compile submissions, manage their projects and undertake modelling to demonstrate compliance with Green Star benchmarks.

Our 'Software Partners' project will enable us to formally recognise software providers that deliver solutions to make the next generation of Green Star rating tools cheaper and easier to use. We will formally launch Software Partners in conjunction with the release of Green Star — Design & As Built. However, the products and services developed may also be applied to Green Star — Communities, Green Star - Interiors and Green Star — Performance.

During 2014, we will develop a framework for collaborating with software partners. This framework will outline the legal, financial, technical and marketing requirements of these partnerships, including how selected software partners will advertise that their product has been officially recognised by the GBCA.

Are you interested in hearing more? If you have a product or service which you believe would add value to the Green Star process, and are interested in becoming a Software Partner for Green Star, please submit your enquiry through the form below and we will keep you updated quarterly on the development of the framework.