Green Star buildings 'explode' across Australia

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has certified the 250th Green Star building.

According to Chief Executive of the GBCA, Romilly Madew, it is appropriate that the 250th Green Star-rated building should also be Australia's first carbon neutral office building, Grocon's Pixel building.

"The Pixel building has been awarded the highest Green Star score ever, with a perfect score of 100. Our 250th Green Star building is arguably Australia's greenest building," Ms Madew says.

The Green Star environmental rating system was launched in 2003, with the first Green Star rating being awarded in 2005 to 8 Brindabella Circuit at the Canberra Airport.

"Since 2005, Green Star has grown exponentially, with interest in building ratings 'exploding' in every state and territory. In April 2009, the GBCA presented Stockland with the 100th Green Star certification for its head office in Sydney. Just over a year later, we've more than doubled the number of Green Star-rated buildings around Australia. We now have 3.57 million square metres of Green Star certified office, retail, education and residential space nationwide," Ms Madew says.

"That the Pixel building is our 250th certification is particularly significant, as five years ago many in the industry thought a 6 Star Green Star rating was unachievable. Today, not only are we seeing more and more 6 Star certifications across a range of building types, but we have a building that has achieved a perfect score of 100."

Under the Green Star rating system 75 points is the benchmark for 6 Star Green Star rating. The Pixel building was awarded a perfect 100-point score, and gained an extra five points for innovation.

"When Green Star was first established, very few projects claimed or were awarded Green Star points for innovation," Ms Madew explains. "Today, projects regularly claim innovation points, and the Pixel building was awarded the full five innovation points for a range of measures, including its carbon neutrality and water self-sufficiency.

"The Pixel building is a clear example of the shift within the property and construction sector. Today, we've moved beyond the recognition that buildings are merely resource consumers, and are now working on ways to ensure buildings can be producers of resources," Ms Madew concludes.