GBCA calls for integrated approach to population strategy and urban policy development

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Australia's leading green building organisation has welcomed the release of the Australian Government's Sustainable Population Strategy Issues Paper.

According to the Green Building Council of Australia's (GBCA's) Chief Executive, Romilly Madew, the issues paper is a necessary step on the path to an integrated approach to population strategy and urban policy development.

"It's important that Australia has these debates and discussions regarding population and how our strategy will impact upon other areas, such as transport congestion, housing affordability and climate change adaptation and mitigation," Ms Madew says.

"Australia major cities will accommodate around 85 per cent of our 36 million plus population by 2050. These challenges will only be addressed successfully through a nationally-consistent approach."

The Green Building Council of Australia is currently leading the Green Star Communities project, which aims to drive sustainable development at the community scale. The GBCA calls on all governments to consider Green Star Communities' five national best practice principles of liveability, economic prosperity, environmental responsibility, design leadership and governance when dealing with all policies relating to buildings, communities, cities and population.

The GBCA supports the alignment of the population strategy with the Australian Government's recently released Our Cities - building a productive, sustainable and liveable future discussion paper.

"Buildings are a fundamental element of communities and cities, as they are the places where people work, live and play. We look forward to being part of the dialogue, as buildings are inextricably linked to communities and cities and the people who live within them," Ms Madew concludes.

The issues paper, as well as details of the public consultation process and the formal submission process, are available online.