Federal election an opportunity to move green building from voluntary to vital

Australia's 21 August federal election is an opportunity for all sides of politics to commit to sustainable buildings, communities and cities, says the nation's leading green building organisation.

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has released its 'green building agenda' for 2010-2013, which outlines the five priorities which it believes will place Australia on a clear, long-term pathway to sustainability.

"The next three years will determine whether green building practices become 'normal practice', rather than just 'best practice'," says the GBCA's Chief Executive, Romilly Madew.

"Many of the great challenges that Australia faces, such as climate change, sustainable population growth, affordable housing and infrastructure planning, are already 'hot button' issues in this election campaign - and issues that the green building industry is already working to address.

"Strong leadership is absolutely vital if we are to effectively tackle these challenges. The federal election campaign is an opportunity for all political parties to outline their vision and the policies they believe will help Australia to overcome some of the market failures, skills deficits and institutional barriers that impede action and industry growth," Ms Madew says.

The GBCA's five green building priorities for 2010-2013 are:

  1. Provide visionary government leadership
  2. Retrofit and improve existing buildings
  3. Green education and healthcare facilities
  4. Move beyond buildings to communities and cities
  5. Embed green skills across all industry training

"We believe these priorities, if effectively addressed, will help transition Australia's green building practices from 'voluntary to vital'," Ms Madew concludes.

Download the GBCA's Federal Election 2010 Green Building Priorities.