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Revised Green Star Concrete Credit

Download the Green Star 'Concrete' credit.

The Green Star 'Concrete' credit was released on 15th May 2012 following the Concrete Credit Review process.

All Green Star projects registered before first of July 2012 have the option to use either the old Green Star Concrete credit or the new Green Star Concrete credit. Any projects registered after first of July 2012 must use the new Green Star Concrete credit.

Download the Stakeholder Feedback Report Revised Concrete Credit.  This includes feedback received during the public comment period of the Draft Revised Concrete credit and the response to this feedback, including changes subsequently made to the final credit.

Download an example of concrete mix batching record. Batching records are a requirement of the credit in an As Built submission. The example clarifies what batching record should contain.

The Concrete credit review

Since the GBCA introduced Green Star in 2003, the suite of environmental rating tools has included a 'Concrete' credit to encourage the use of alternative materials in concrete. The Green Star 'Concrete' credit was included in the first Green Star rating tool, Green Star - Office Design v1, and has been featured in all subsequent Design and As Built rating tools.

In February 2009, the GBCA began a review of the Concrete credit. This involved gathering feedback from GBCA members and Green Star users, the Australian concrete industry and an Expert Reference Panel.

Following the Concrete credit review, the credit criteria has been refined to ensure it better reflects the aim of the credit.  In addition, standardised documentation requirements and templates will ensure projects can easily demonstrate compliance. The most significant change to the credit, from the Draft (November 2010) to the final (May 2012), is the removal of one criteria which rewarded the use of alternative fuels in cement kilns.

The Green Building Council of Australia expects the revised credit will drive demand for improved outcomes within the concrete industry and align with current industry constraints and opportunities.