Material Calculator Guide

This document explains the methodology behind the Green Star material calculators and clarifies the documentation requirements for each assessment criteria. This document supersedes the credit-specific calculator guidance found in the Green Star Technical Manuals listed below.

This calculator guide is applicable to the Green Star tools and credits mentioned below. All projects registered after June 23 2009 must use this calculator guide. Projects registered prior to this date can use the guidance found in the Technical Manual or in this document.

Please use this calculator guide in conjuction with the following credits (where applicable):

Green Star - Education v1
Green Star - Healthcare v1
Green Star - Multi Unit Residential v1
Green Star - Office Interiors v1.1
Mat-11 Flooring Mat-2 Flooring
Mat-14 Ceilings, Walls and Partitions Mat-3 Walls and Partitions
Mat-12 Joinery Mat-7 Joinery
Mat-13 Loose Furniture Mat-1 Workstations
Mat-4 Chairs
Mat-5 Tables
Mat-6 Storage