Green Star - Education v1 Ene-4 'Lighting Zoning'

As part of the continuous improvement of Green Star - Education v1, the GBCA undertook a review of Ene-4 'Lighting Zoning'. This revised credit is the result of such work. As of March 19th, 2010 this revised version of the credit replaces published version in the Green Star - Education v1 Technical Manual.

The revised version differs as follows:

  • The requirement for automatic lighting controls has been removed from the Credit Criteria.
  • It is now required that individually switched lighting zones do not exceed 100m2 for 95% of the nominated area.
  • The nominated area has been revised to exclude external covered areas, auditoriums, theatres, swimming pools and sports halls.

Projects that register after March 19th, 2010 must use the revised version of the credit. Projects registered prior to this date have the option of continuing with the credit found in the Technical Manual, or using this revised version. Where projects registered prior to this date choose to use the revised version, this must be indicated on the cover page of this credit in their submission.

The new credit and Green Star - Education v1 (Excel) rating tool can be downloaded from the following link:
Ene-4 Lighting Zoning credit
Green Star - Education v1 rating tool