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Eco-1 Topsoil

A revised version of the Eco-1 Topsoil credit has been released for a number of existing Green Star rating tools.

This revised credit is the same version that is found in the Green Star — Public Building v1 rating tool, and is now available for you to use if you're working with one of the rating tools listed below. Industry has told us that this credit is easier to understand and provides a more flexible approach to achieving points towards Green Star submissions.

Any project registered for Green Star prior to 20 January 2014 can choose to use the revised Eco-1 'Topsoil' credit. Any new projects registered after this date must use the revised credit.

Download the revised credit: Eco-1 Topsoil credit (PDF, 105KB)

This credit applies to the following rating tools:
Green Star — Office v3: Eco-1 Topsoil
Green Star — Education v1: Eco-1 Topsoil
Green Star — Healthcare v1: Eco-1 Topsoil
Green Star — Multi Unit Residential v1: Eco-1 Topsoil
Green Star — Retail Centre v1: Eco-1 Topsoil