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Legacy rating tool support & amendments

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Legacy Rating Tool support, forms and templates


Other Support

Rulings and amendments are created based on what we learn from project Credit Interpretation Requests, Technical Clarifications and feedback from industry. Rulings and amendments improve the Green Star rating tools by correcting errors, providing alternative compliance requirements and reducing documentation and modelling. If the answer to your problem is not addressed by these amendments, feel free to submit a query.

The following collects all guidance and amendments relevant to all Legacy rating tools:

Credit Substitution

Projects registered under Legacy rating tools can benefit from the development of the more flexible and easy-to-use credits in the New Generation rating tools by substituting credits. Project teams may elect to substitute relevant credits where they might be advantageous to their project’s Green Star submission.

The following documents detail the process required for substituting credits from Green Star - Design & As Built v1.1 or Green Star - Interiors v1.1 into Legacy rating tool projects.

Amendments and Corrections 

Calculator Guides

Amended Credits