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GreenTag GreenRate

Global GreenTag’s GreenRate certification assesses and certifies products which are rewarded under the following Green Star credits:


New Generation rating tool credits*

Legacy rating tool credits

Indoor Pollutants

Sustainable Products

Cleaning Products




Material Calculators

Volatile Organic Compounds

Formaldehyde Minimisation

Reduced Exposure to Pollutants

Green Cleaning

 * This refers to the Green Star – Design & As Built, Green Star – Interiors and Green Star – Performance rating tools.

Certification Levels

The GreenTag GreenRate standard awards three levels of certification, which are recognised by the GBCA as follows^:

  • GreenRate v4.0 Level A -    Level A GBCA recognition
  • GreenRate v4.0 Level B -    Level B GBCA recognition
  • GreenRate v4.0 Level C -    Level C GBCA recognition


^ The LCARate component of GreenTag is excluded from this recognition.
^ The GreenTag GreenRate licence and associated marketing information includes a reference to category-specific supplementary standards where applicable. This provides the means to determine if a certified product is covered by the GBCA recognition of the GreenRate standard.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Where a product has the following GreenTag GreenRate certification, it is deemed to satisfy the requirements of the ‘Indoor Pollutants’ credit in Green Star – Design & As Built and Green Star – Interiors, or the ‘Volatile Organic Compounds’ credit in Legacy rating tools:

  • Carpets certified to the ‘GreenTag GreenRate – Carpets and Floor Coverings Supplementary Standard’ (7.6) at Level A or Level B (Level C does not satisfy the requirements).
  • Paints certified to the ‘GreenTag GreenRate – Paints and Coatings Supplementary Standard’ (7.9).
  • Adhesives and sealants certified to the ‘GreenTag GreenRate – Adhesives and Sealants Supplementary Standard’ (7.8).


Engineered wood products certified to GreenTag GreenRate standards (at all levels) are deemed to satisfy the requirements of the ‘Indoor Pollutants’ credit in Green Star – Design & As Built and Green Star – Interiors, or the'Formaldehyde Minimisation' or 'Reduced Exposure to Pollutants' credits in Legacy rating tools.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning products certified to Global GreenTag Cleaning Products Standard Version R1.0 are deemed to satisfy the 'Green Cleaning' credit in Green Star – Performance.

Other Claims

The GreenTag GreenRate v4.0 standard may also be used to contribute to other Green Star initiatives. This includes the:

  • ‘Responsible Building Materials’ credit inGreen Star – Design & As Built and Green Star – Interiors, or the ‘PVC’ credit in Legacy rating tools. Global GreenTag are able to conduct an audit in line with the GBCA’s ‘Best Practice Guidelines for PVC’.
  • Local Procurement Innovation Challenge, where product certification can be used to demonstrate compliance. Please note that the scope of the Innovation Challenge is all products and materials used in the project, not just those with product certifications.


Certification updates

The below list of previously recognised GreenTag GreenRate standards have been superseded by newer versions. Products certified to these standards will continue to be rewarded until the expiry date of the certification. List of recognised standards:

  • GreenTag GreenRate v3.2
  • GreenTag GreenRate v3.1
  • GreenTag GreenRate v2.4