Technical Support

Submitting a query

Queries are submitted when project teams require GBCA approval for an issue that has arisen during the certification process for their project. Such queries are formally lodged through the Project Manager Portal.

Innovation in Green Star

The Green Star Innovation category promotes holistic sustainable solutions in the built environment, and assists projects in investing resources into valuable outcomes. This section details the additional information applicable to all rating tools.

Credit-by-Credit Assessment

Credit-by-Credit Assessment is an optional service available for Green Star projects and has been designed to make the certification process more efficient and cost-effective.

Legacy rating tool support & amendments

Rulings and amendments were released throughout the lifetime of Legacy Green Star rating tools to correct errors, provide alternative compliance requirements and reduce documentation and modelling. All rulings and amendments are listed here.

Products and materials in Green Star

Products and materials in Green Star rating tools are addressed by Credits which target the consumption of resources through selection, use, reuse and efficient management practices of building and fitout materials. This section outlines guidance relevant to product suppliers and...