Technical Clarifications

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What is a Technical Clarification?

Technical Clarifications (TCs) are the Green Building Council of Australia's (GBCA's) answers to technical queries submitted by project teams. Please submit a Technical Clarification if you would like further clarification on an item within the Technical Manual, or if you would simply like to confirm that your interpretation is correct.

Technical Clarifications complement Green Star Technical Manuals, and the Assessment Panel will use your project specific Technical Clarifications when assessing your project. TCs are an extension of the Technical Manual, and do not amend the Credit Criteria or Compliance Requirements.

Who should submit a Technical Clarification?

Nominated Project Contacts can submit Technical Clarifications online through the Project Manager Portal. Each project can list up to three Project Contacts – if you would like to change or update a Project Contact the GBCA hase on file, please contact your Case Manager.

Before submitting:

  • Make sure you have carefully read the relevant credit in the Technical Manual
  • Check the General Rulings spreadsheet to see if your TC has already been answered
  • Make sure you have a clear question

What information should I include?

  • Quotes, page numbers and references to the Technical Manual
  • A clear explanation of what you would like clarified

What should I expect?

Responses to Technical Clarifications typically include:

  • Confirmation of your interpretation, or an explanation if your interpretation is not correct
  • Clarification or answer to your question
  • Explanation of the requirements in the Technical Manual and what the project team needs to do

Occasionally you may receive a call from the GBCA to discuss your TC if the issue raised is particularly complicated.


Four complementary TCs are included in the Certification Fee. Additional Technical Clarifications will be charged at $110 (incl GST) each.


  • Be clear and concise with what you write and submit

Submit a Technical Clarification