Eco - Conditional Requirement & Eco-1 'Ecological Value of Site'

As part of the continuous improvement of Green Star, the GBCA undertook a review of the Eco - Conditional Requirement for all new and existing rating tools.

An Expert Reference Panel was convened during 2008 to consider the preservation of natural wetland habitats and encourage better development practice. Following work by the GBCA on the format of the proposed revised credit, the GBCA Board approved the revision in February 2009.

From 18 of March 2009 the revised credit replaces the following versions:

Eco-1 'Ecological Value of Site' (Green Star - Office Design v2 and Green Star - Office As Built v2); and
Eco - 'Conditional Requirement' (Green Star - Office Design v3, Green Star - Office As Built v3, Green Star - Retail Centre v1, Green Star - Education v1, and Green Star - Industrial PILOT).

New Green Star rating tools will contain the revised version of the credit where applicable.

Projects that register for Green Star certification after 18 March 2009 must use the revised version of the credit. Projects registered prior to this date have the option of continuing with the previous format of the credit, or using the revised version.

Where projects choose to use the revised credit, this must be indicated on the credit's cover page at the time of submission.

The revised credits can be downloaded here:

Revised Eco-Conditional Requirement *(PDF)

Revised Eco-1 'Ecological Value of Site' *(PDF)

*These documents have the same content. The name of the credit in the Green Star - Office Design v2 and Green Star - Office As Built v2 tools is Eco-1 'Ecological Value of Site'.

All relevant Green Star Excel tools have been updated with the revised credit.