Credit Interpretation Request

What is a Credit Interpretation Request?

A Credit Interpretation Request (CIR) is a formal query that is submitted to the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) if an alternative yet equivalent method of meeting the Aim of Credit has been identified. Each Technical Manual outlines a number of options for meeting the Aim of Credit, but if an alternative design solution or an alternative form of documentation has been developed, a CIR should be submitted.

Who should submit a Credit Interpretation Request?

Nominated Project Contacts can submit Credit Interpretation Requests online through the Project Manager Portal. Each project can list up to three Project Contacts – if you would like to change or update a Project Contact the GBCA has on file, please contact your Case Manager.

Before submitting:

  • Check the Published Rulings to see if your CIR has been addressed already.
  • Make sure what you are suggesting leads to an equivalent outcome to the requirements of the Technical Manual

What information should I include?

  • Outline why the project cannot meet the Credit Criteria or Documentation Requirements as outlined in the Technical Manual;
  • A clear and concise explanation of what the proposed alternative is and how it is equivalent to what is outlined in the Technical Manual;
  • Relevant documentation i.e. drawings, plans, supporting documents.

What should I expect?

The standard response time for Credit Interpretation Requests is ten working days.

The response to your Credit Interpretation Request (CIR) will be either:

  • Approved - The GBCA has accepted your proposal and has deemed it acceptable.
  • Approved Conditionally - The GBCA has accepted your proposal but certain conditions must be met.
  • Denied - The GBCA has not accepted your proposal. The response to denied queries will outline the reasons why the proposal was not accepted and where possible, options going forward

Some queries submitted to the GBCA are quite complicated, and require further explanation. In these cases the GBCA will contact you to discuss these further.


Two complementary CIRs are included in the Certification Fee. Additional CIRs will be charged at $440 (incl GST) for registered Green Star Projects. If you would like to submit a CIR for a project that is not yet registered, please contact the GBCA.


  • The main reasons Credit Interpretation Requests are denied is because the proposed alternative does not result in an equivalent outcome to that outlined within the Technical Manual or because the proposed solution is operational (i.e. not related to the design or construction of the building).
  • Responses to Credit Interpretation Requests relate only to methodologies and in no way constitutes as assessment of your project. As such, please do not include submissions documents within your Query unless specifically requested.
  • Be clear and concise, and only provide relevant information and documents
  • Contact your Case Manager if you have any questions

Submit a Credit Interpretation Request