Tra-3 Cyclist Facilities

A revised version of the Tra-3 'Cyclist Facilities' has been released for Green Star — Office v3.

In response to industry feedback the Green Star — Office v3 credit, Tra-3 'Cyclist Facilities' has been revised to include all of the current Tra-3 Rulings. This revision provides you with all the relevant guidance in one place, making it easier to use and understand.

Any project registered for a Green Star — Office v3 project prior to 20 January 2014 can choose to use the revised Tra-3 'Cyclist Facilities' credit. Any new projects registered after this date must use the revised Tra-3 credit.

The revised credit can be downloaded here: Tra-3 Cyclist Facilities credit (PDF, 91KB)

This credit applies to the following rating tool:
Green Star — Office v3 users: Tra-3 Cyclist Facilities