Green Star As Built Guidelines


To assist all projects undertaking a Green Star - As Built Certified Rating, the GBCA has formulated a brief set of guidelines that clarify the requirements for submissions. The development of these guidelines was based on a number of workshops held with registered Green Star projects in conjunction with the criteria established in the Technical Manual. These brief guidelines are applicable to all projects regardless of whether they are undertaking a Shell & Core, Conventional Delivery or Integrated Fitout.

All projects, unless previously advised, must use these guidelines in addition to the criteria stated in the Technical Manual. Based on feedback from a number of projects, the GBCA will be releasing additional guidelines to address additional scenarios which do not easily fit within the scenario stated in this document.

Draft 2015 As Built Guidelines

In May 2015 the GBCA released updated guidelines for projects seeking As Built certification using Green Star – Office v3 and Green Star – Office v2. These draft guidelines contain a new approach to demonstrating compliance with the As Built credit criteria in situations where the delivery of certain building elements are out of the control of the head contractor.

The guidelines will be expanded and finalised for release in December 2015. Until that time project teams can use either the old or new version of this guide, or a combination of both. For project teams who intend to use the draft 2015 As Built Guidelines they will need to submit a free Credit Interpretation Request outlining their intended approach.

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