Ene-Conditional Requirement

A revised optional Ene-Conditional Requirement credit has been released. This credit may be used by Green Star — Office v3 and Education v1 projects to demonstrate compliance with the conditional energy requirement.

This revised credit is the same version that is found in the Green Star — Public Building v1 rating tool, and is now available for you to use if you're working with one of the rating tools listed below. Industry has told us that this credit is easier to understand and provides a more flexible approach to achieving points towards Green Star submissions.

This credit will never become mandatory for projects to use and will always remain as an optional pathway to compliance for project teams to follow.

Please note when this version of the Ene-Conditional Requirement credit, you are also required to use the updated version of Ene-1 Greenhouse Gas Emissions credit, located here: Ene-1 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Download the revised credit: Ene-Conditional Requirement credit (PDF, 73KB)

This credit applies to the following rating tools:
Green Star — Office v3: Ene-Conditional Requirement (optional)
Green Star — Education v1: Ene-Conditional Requirement (optional)

Download the updated 'GHG Emissions Calculator Guide' (Updated 03 April 2014) (PDF, 4.3MB) for Green Star — Public Building v1, Education v1, Office v3.

Download the GHG Emissions Calculator (XLSM, 845 KB) to use with the revised version of the credit.