Emi-8 Cooling Towers & Emi-8 Legionella

As stated in the Technical Assurance Committee (TAC) report released in April 2008, the GBCA undertook to create a new performance based credit regarding the control of Legionella in water-based heat rejection systems. This revised credit is the result of such work.

As of 18 December 2008 this credit replaces all previous versions of the following credit:

  • Emi-8 'Cooling Towers' (as per Green Star - Office Design v2 and Green Star - Office As Built v2); and
  • Emi-8 'Legionella' (as per Green Star - Office v3, Green Star - Retail Centre v1 and Green Star - Education v1).

New Green Star rating tools will contain the new version of this credit where applicable. Projects that register after 18 December 2008 must use this new version of the credit. Projects registered prior to this date have the option of continuing with the previous credit, or using this latest version. Where projects choose to use the new credit, this must be indicated on the cover page of this credit at the time of submission.