Emi-5 Stormwater credit

As part of the continuous improvement of Green Star, the Green Building Council of Australia sought feedback from the industry, which indicated that the 'Stormwater' credit should be integrated into all Green Star rating tools (except Green Star - Office Interiors v1.1).

The 'Stormwater' credit has be designed to replace the existing 'Watercourse Pollution' credit. The revised credit features new benchmarks and reduced documentation requirements.

In addition, the 'Stormwater' credit encourages the application of approaches currently used at the forefront of the stormwater management industry, notably those of Water Sensitive Urban Design. These approaches manage stormwater not simply as a waste product, but also as a resource. The credit recognises the environmental benefits of either treating stormwater pollutant loads prior to discharge, or for using the stormwater on site, or a combination of both.

Any project registered after 1 January 2011 will be required to use the revised credit. Current projects registered to achieve Green Star ratings can use either the old or revised credit.

The revised credit can be downloaded here:

Emi-5 Stormwater credit

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