Documentation Guidelines

As part of the ongoing review of the Green Star framework, and based on the feedback received from assessors and project teams, the GBCA undertook a review of documentation exercise with the aim of:

  1. Reducing the cost and time required to compile documentation for a Green Star submission; and
  2. Reducing the time required to assess the documentation required for every credit within Green Star.

These Documentation Guidelines target all credits within Green Star - Office v3, Green Star - Retail Centre v1, and Green Star - Education v1. It is estimated that the changes to documentation requirements will result in project teams having to submit at least 15% less documentation in their submissions. This equates to at least 15% less time spent preparing and assessing a submission.

All Green Star - Office v3, Green Star - Retail Centre v1 and Green Star - Education v1 registered projects can use the following guidelines to reduce the documentation required at the time of their Green Star submission.