Green Star - Milestones and Progress

Below is a summary of our recent key milestones in Green Star and what's coming up over the next few months.

Current status


Date Project Project description Current status
Green Star – Communities v1 Green Star – Communities v1 released.


Green Star submission guidelines free for members An exclusive benefit for GBCA members to download submission guidelines for Green Star – Design & As BuiltGreen Star – CommunitiesGreen Star – Performance and Green Star – Interiors for free. Complete
Green Star – Performance v1 Portfolio Supplement for Green Star – Performance v1 scheduled for release.


Green Star – Performance v1 Portfolio Supplement for Green Star – Performance v1 released for feedback. Find out more and submit your feedback here.  Complete
Green Star – Performance v1 Green Star – Performance v1 is released and the Submission Guidelines are now available. View the rating tool. Complete
Green Star – Communities v0.2 Release Green Star – Communities v0.2. View the summary of changes here. Complete
Green Star 'Innovation' Category Additional guidance for Green Star – Design & As Built 'Innovation' category released. This document can also be applied to Green Star – Interiors v1. Find out more. Complete
Green Star certification process review Consultation paper on Certification Process review available for comment. This paper will outline a review of the current Green Star certification process and discuss proposals for improvements


Green Star – Design & As Built The new Green Star – Design & As Built rating tool is released. New projects can register and existing projects can transition from the old Green Star – Design and As Built rating tools. Complete
Green Star Volume Certification

Volume Certification service available for new project registrations, enabling a streamlined certification process for buildings in a portfolio that share building features.

Green Star – Interiors PILOT v0.1

Updates to Green Star – Interiors released.

Green Star – Performance PILOT

Based on industry feedback changes have been made to 15 credits in the Green Star – Performance PILOT rating tool. Progress tracker to help project teams plan their submission for certification also released.

Guidelines for Green Star Software Partners

Software partner guidelines released for consultation. The guidelines aim to enable development of bespoke software programs to assist in Green Star submissions, project management and benchmark modelling.

In progress
Green Star – Multi Unit Residential

Rulings for Green Star - Multi Unit Residential released.

Green Star – Design & As Built draft credits

Information sessions on revised Green Star - Design & As Built credits, including a dedicated session at Green Building Day.

Green Star Innovation

New Green Star Innovation Challenges released.

Design to As Built Pathway released The Design to As Built Pathway Templates are a way for projects already achieved a Design certification to streamline their As Built certification submission. Complete
Green Star – Communities PILOT

Release of updated submission guidelines for the Green Star – Communities PILOT rating tool.

Green Star — Design & As Built draft credits The draft credits were released for public comment from April – July 2014. View the summary of changes. Complete
Green Star — Design & As Built Scoping report

The scope for the Green Star — Design & As Built rating tool was released in March and was open for consultation until 31 July 2014. View the scoping paper.

Green Star — Certification Process Review Workshops Certification process review workshops were held in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney to discuss alternatives under consideration. Complete
Green Star — Communities workshops Green Star Accredited Professional — Communities and the contacts of registered Green Star — Communities PILOT projects were invited to participate in feedback sessions on the rating tool. Complete
Guidelines for Green Star Software Partners Guidelines outlining how sustainable software providers can partner with Green Star in development. Read more Complete
Cross-rating tool alignment of Green Star credits Credits aligned across existing rating tools to ensure greater consistency of benchmarks and outcomes across sectors. Seven updated credits from Green Star – Public Building v1 can now be applied to all rating tools. Complete
Submission templates for Green Star - Office v3 Release of new submission templates to assist teams with documentation. Complete
Green Star — Performance PILOT v0.0 Launch of Green Star — Performance PILOT rating tool for existing building operations. Complete
New Rulings issue for legacy rating tools New Green Star rulings released to reduce submission and modelling costs.  Complete
Lifecycle Assessment in Green Star Discussion Paper Feedback report from 2012 LCA Discussion Paper released and second Discussion Paper on Lifecycle Assessment in Green Star released for industry feedback Complete
Changes to the Green Star Innovation category

‘Innovation Challenges’ released to help direct industry innovation, research and development. Discover the Challenges. Current Innovation credits revised to spark the innovation cycle, reduce project risk and better reward sustainable building solutions. Read more.

New Reporting Criteria for ‘Construction & Demolition Waste’ Credit Release of Reporting Criteria for projects registering under Green Star — Interiors PILOT  Read more Complete

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