Progress and Feedback.

The Green Star rating system aims to reflect 'best practice' through continuous review and evaluation against Australian and international initiatives, scientific development, international rating tool improvements and climatic, ecological, regulatory and commercial environments.

GBCA relies on a both stakeholder feedback and a robust governance structure to ensure the above is met.

Providing feedback

The Green Star Steering Committee frequently calls for feedback from industry. These notices will be published on the GBCA website and newsletter when relevant. They are also noted in this webpage. 

Deadline extended: The Green Star Steering Committee is calling for industry to provide feedback. The feedback period is open until March 21st, 2016.

If you wish to provide feedback outside out formal feedback periods, please provide a written submission to All feedback is assessed by the relevant committee and advisory groups, with recommendations issued via stakeholder feedback reports when relevant.

The recommendations that have been implemented are noted in our progress calendar

Stakeholder feedback reports

The following stakeholder reports have been produced in the past.