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Fitout Calculators

This page has been partly superseded by the release of Green Star - Design & As Built and Green Star - Interiors v1. However, the information in this page is still relevant for projects registered under Green Star - Public Building v1 and Green Star - Interiors PILOT.


The Fitout Calculators (MS Excel) - A working copy of the three calculators, including a completed example. This is provided for visualisation purposes only, this file is not for use in Green Star submission and will not be accepted.

Fitout Calculators Guide (last updated October 2012, PDF) - Instructions for users, including compliance and documentation requirements, as well as examples.

Stakeholder Feedback Report (PDF) - Feedback received during the public comment period of the 'Draft Material Calculators 2.0' and the response to this feedback, including changes subsequently included in the final 'Fitout Calculators'.

Product Stewardship - Example Supplier Contract (MS Word) - An example of a product stewardship contract referenced in the Fitout Calculators Guide.

Why have we developed three new credits?

The Green Star 'Materials' category aims to address and reduce the environmental impacts arising from the use of fitout products through rewarding use of environmentally-preferable products.

Following consultation with GBCA members, industry stakeholders, manufacturers and suppliers, the GBCA has streamlined the credits for fitout materials, consolidating some credits to simplify Green Star certification, and updating others so that they continue to drive demand for environmentally-preferable fitout products.

What do the new credits and Material Fitout Calculators address?

Furniture, flooring and assemblies experience the fastest churn rates in a building and therefore represent one of the shortest in-use materials phases of a building's lifecycle. The new credits, and the accompanying Fitout Calculators, aim to reduce this churn by stimulating demand for environmentally-preferable fitout products in Australia.

The new credits address furniture, flooring and assemblies; other fitout items are not assessed in the Material category in Green Star.

How has the scoring system changed?

Stakeholder feedback during the public comment period supported a change to the scoring system. These changes are explained in detail in the Stakeholder Feedback Report and in the Fitout Calculators Guide . The two main changes are:

1. Only re-used products or products certified to a certification standard recognised under levels A or B can achieve a score of 100%. Non-certified new products, and products certified to a certification standard recognised under level C can no longer achieve a 100% product score. This change corresponds with the increased number of certification standards recognised by the GBCA and reflects the importance of third party certification of fitout items as the best way to establish environmental performance.

2. Green Star points are now calculated as a percentage of the points available. For example: 2.4 points will be awarded if 3 points are available in a credit and an overall score of 80% is achieved. The draft version of the calculator only awarded whole points when certain overall score levels were met. This change provides a more accurate correlation between improved environmental performance in selection of fitout items and the points generated towards a Green Star rating. The Guide outlines in detail how the scoring system works.

What do you do next?

- Product manufacturers - review the new Green Star Fitout Calculators documentation found above and make the necessary preparations to ensure your products are able to comply with the criteria as each new rating tool is rolled out.

- Product Certification Schemes - start considering how the new credits and calculators will affect the marketing of the various levels of certification you offer.

- Green Star users - these changes will not affect any projects already registered for Green Star. However, future versions of some Green Star tools will include these calculators. Registered projects can choose to upgrade to the new version of any Green Star tool, with the new credits and calculators, when it is released.