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The Rating Tool

Categories and Credits

Green Star – Interiors assesses the sustainable attributes of interior fitouts. It provides a rigorous and holistic rating across the following nine impact categories:



Submission Guidelines

The submission guidelines provide detailed information on credit aims, criteria and compliance requirements and additional guidance, background information and resources.

The submission guidelines are available at our online shop. The guidelines are free to download for all members and available for purchase to non-members.



*Updated 3/12/2015 for the release of Green Star - Interiors v1.1


The scorecard is an interactive Excel spreadsheet that must be used by anyone seeking a formal rating.The scorecard provides a scoring tool for projects to keep track of  their Green Star points claims. The scorecard is also used by the GBCA to provide the results of assessment.

*Updated on 15/12/2015 


Submission Templates

In all credits, the project team must submit a Submission Template summarising the steps taken to ensure compliance with the credit criteria. The Submission Template is the principal method by which the project team communicates with the assessment panel. It specifies the information and narrative required to confirm that the project complies with the Credit Criteria. The Submission Template will ask project teams to justify their claims with evidence that must be included in their submission.

Projects must submit these Submission Templates and are not permitted to use an alternative document.

Submission Templates are provided in MS Word format. There are no automated or 'smart' features embedded within these Submission Template. Project team are to fill in and edit Submission Templates to suit their responses in the areas indicated within each Submission Template. Feedback on these template is welcomed.

The most recent update was released on 3 December 2015.


*Updated 3/12/2015 for the release of Green Star - Interiors v1.1


Calculators and Guides

A number of credits require additional calculations to determine the number of points awarded. For these credits a Green Star – Interiors calculator has been developed. Select a calculator below to download:

Credit Calculator Latest Update
16 Greenhouse Gas Emissions                                                                                            05/02/2016
17 Access by Public Transport 03/12/2015
17 Sustainable Transport 03/12/2015
18 Potable Water 03/12/2015
21 Sustainable Products 03/12/2015
26 Refrigerant Impacts 03/12/2015


Calculator Guides & Additional Information
To assist project teams to use the calculators, supplementary guides are provided. Select a guide below to download:

Credit Calculator Guide Latest Update
16 Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions                                            12/05/2015
17 Access by Public Transport 03/12/2015
17 Sustainable Transport 03/12/2015
18 Potable Water 03/12/2015
  Daylight and Views Hand Calculation Guide 03/12/2015




Submission Checklist

A completed submission requirements checklist must be submitted by project teams for all Round 1 and Round 2 submissions.


Previous Versions


Credit Substitution 

Projects registered under any previous version of Green Star - Interiors can benefit from the development of the most up-to-date version of credits in Green Star - Interiors v1.1 by substituting credits. Project teams may elect to substitute relevant credits where they might be advantageous to their project’s Green Star submission.

The following documents detail the process required for substituting credits from Green Star - Interiors v1.1 into projects registered under previous versions of the rating tool.


Supporting Resources

For all projects registered under a previous version of Green Star - Interiors, please find below all supporting resources required to complete your submission. 

Green Star - Interiors v1.0 (released January 2015)

Project teams should always use the latest version of the Green Star - Interiors scorecard (located above on this page) given that all rating tool version updates will not materially affect the scorecard.