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Rating tool feedback


The GBCA released the Green Star – Interiors v1 rating tool in December, 2014. This version of the rating tool incorporated feedback received as part of the Green Star – Interiors PILOT process, as well as the development of the Green Star – Design & As Built and Green Star – Performance rating tools.

The following document summarises the changes that have been made to credits throughout the Green Star – Interiors PILOT process and how these changes have been incorporated into Green Star – Interiors v1. These changes have been based on rating tool feedback, industry feedback and Technical Clarifications and Credit Interpretation Requests received throughout the PILOT process.

Download the Green Star - Interiors v1: Summary of Changes

If you have any feedback on Green Star – Interiors v1, please contact the Green Star team.


Rating tool development


Green Star – Interiors was developed through extensive consultation with industry.



  • Green Star – Interiors tool was released in October 2012 as an independent, national, voluntary rating tool to drive the development of healthy, productive and sustainable interior fitouts.
  • First available as a PILOT rating tool, Green Star – Interiors was developed by the GBCA in close consultation with a range of stakeholders, industry experts and through feedback from PILOT projects.
  • The Green Star – Interiors PILOT rating tool was developed on the basis of many credits already in operation within other Green Star rating tools, including many from the Green Star – Office Interiors v1.1 rating tool. However, through a rigorous credit development and consolidation process, the PILOT rating tool has resulted in the amalgamation of many credits, as well as the introduction of several new ones.
  • The feedback from the development of Green Star – Design & As Built was also incorporated into Green Star – Interiors. For information on the Consultation for Green Star – Design & As Built, have a look here.
  • For more information on the Green Star – Interiors PILOT rating tool, click here.